Blue Phoenix (Old version)

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I decided to post the whole story on my blog so it's easier to navigate around and read it. and to remind you, this is the OLD version. The new one is much better, with having better character development, darker moods and a lot more characters , the new one is totally different. The plot is much more sophisticated, and some of the characters such as Hollowfox and Ironfang are no longer characters...This was also done for school and that's why it's kinda corny. I also had to speed up the ending a bit. So if it sucks, it's cause of me rushing XD. But please read on, don't let me spoil your expectations. Im very judgmental of my own writings, i just want too see if everybody else thought so. Enjoy!

Blue Phoenix (Old version)
(2,682 Words)

The Gods had sent Phoenix and Golden Fire to planet Nebula , where Phoenix used to live: to go search for a secret evil ruling amongst the stars. Golden fire had guided Phoenix along the Journey, providing support. She could remember the days when they were in School. On Planet Earth. The Gods were no longer believed, but they still reined Olympia. Phoenix was granted the powers of the Blue Phoenix. New generations of gods have emerged, even after thousands of years of hiatus. There were other planets were they were sent to, so they could not be discovered. Nebula was one of them. But Zeus sent Phoenix to look for any lurking shadow that had hidden on the planet’s atmosphere. Hades wanted to capture this enemy, so he could send them to the Underworld. Phoenix had some traits from Hades, consisting of Blue Powers. But he wasn’t a dark ruler. Originally, he was just a normal person. At least so do his friends on Earth. All the Leading Gods knew someday, someone would discover them once again as real.

But one thing was certain; Gods could not start Thunder without unleashing the power, or send tornadoes. But sometimes, they could. As the future Generations ascend, the Gods learn more and more about how to keep their Powers under control.

Goldenfire was the best at keeping her powers under control. She knew that if she wasn’t, she could risk many lives. Phoenix had taught her many things about her abilities, because of his past experiences with Hades. Hades had given him a blended power, along with certain gifts from Zeus. Both of them concurred to this power blending.

Phoenix had been done with School, now going off alone in his Normal life. He planned on being A Movie Director after he got out of college. He loved Movies ever since the days he watched his first movies when he was young. Goldenfire had planned on being a Professional Soldier for the Marine Corps. But soon after the end of School, she realized it would be too much for her. She then instead switched to be an Actor. Once Phoenix was told about this, he knew they would be friends in their young adult lives.

High school was difficult for both of them, since the fact they had to hide their powers. Even the smallest slip, they could get into a heap of trouble. Phoenix had almost revealed his powers twice, but luckily he controlled it. Zeus had warned him afterwards, but understood his struggle. Zeus was like a father to Phoenix. Zeus had more experience since the Greek times when everything began. He knew so much, almost every time he could predict and ask what happened, and still get it right. But occasionally, it was something new. He trusted Phoenix the most, granting him more powers after many of his brave duties. Goldenfire wasn’t even close to Phoenix’s tasks. She was less powerful, containing of only a Medium Wildfire. She got paranoid around forests, cause she was afraid she would start a fire and destroy them. She loved Nature.

Phoenix had been through a lot since high school. He matured a lot. And by that, meaning he was stronger, calmer, quieter and had better manners. He could handle many things that the other kids couldn’t. He was outstanding, according to Zeus. To Hades, he was very sarcastic. He always had complimented him about his quiet and sarcastic nature to his enemies. Hades adored it.

Phoenix knew Hades very well, and trusted him. Hades may have seemed like an enemy, but he really wasn’t. Hades just ruled the Underworld, which had peaceful people, Heroes and Bad people there. It was a mixture of different things. Hades eventually offered Phoenix to assist him in the Underworld when he dies, so he could always be a legacy. He also wanted the extra help.

Goldenfire had received a message from Hades also, to be his Co-Assistant. Phoenix had no idea why, but he was still somewhat excited to hear that. He thought that maybe Hades predicted that they would be married someday, but Phoenix did not find that possible. At least, not right now. Not yet.

He was always thinking about it, and sometimes he would imagine her and him being Assistants of Hades, while still being in love. He couldn’t imagine it. It was too much, and he didn’t want to rush time. It wasn’t the main subject at this point.

Ares, the God of War had told Phoenix that if he ever showed any type of emotion towards Goldenfire, it would be a world of worries. Ares had been through enough to know. Phoenix was also best friends with Ares. He helped him as a young child, and ever since they would hang out and talk. Ares had good feelings that Phoenix would one day rule the New Generations of The Gods, when Zeus and the others go to Olympia to rule the rest. The construction of the New Olympia was starting to be made. While the New Generations formed, they would build the New kingdom till the day they rule the New Olympia. And Zeus and the rest would control the original kingdom.

Poseidon was also a friend of Phoenix. Since Phoenix had Goldenfire with him, he steeped in to help her gain control on her wildfires. Poseidon would always say, “If you make a Wildfire, I’ll be there to stop it!” Goldenfire was deeply appreciated by his help. Even Poseidon said they would be nice together. Goldenfire usually blushed when he said that, but she wouldn’t show it in front of him.

Zeus was worried that Nebula was under attack, so once Phoenix was ordered to solve the problem, he went straightforward to the atmosphere. Without a doubt, Phoenix could tell that the citizens of Nebula were in massive danger. Once they landed through to orbit, they both quickly began their long journey scanning the planet. Phoenix was very young when his parents had migrated over here. After he was 5, they moved to planet Earth. There, he met Goldenfire. They have known each other ever since. It’s been 13 years since the day they met. It seemed like a century ago.

But it wasn’t. Phoenix had remembered the first glance Goldenfire made at him when he stepped into his Kindergarten class. Mrs. Limestone, the teacher was sitting right in front of the whole class when he came in. Everyone had a strange look on their faces. It seemed like he was from Mars. But the only drastic difference was that he was a God. But for Kindergartners, they had no clue what that meant.

Goldenfire was the only person who would treat him right. She was his only friend at the time, so for some reason the Relationship thing that Poseidon said was actually somewhat possible. Phoenix tried to deny it, but he had a sense that he was wrong. It would eventually happen. The Gods never lied. Not even the slightest lie. Phoenix had been under a lot of stress, throughout Elementary School. When he was 4th Grade, the Teacher Mrs. Raven had been the strictest on him. She gave him the hardest time, and to him that was the worst Grade ever. But he had thought she knew he was a God, so maybe she was told to be that way to him.

But somehow, Mrs. Raven would sometimes say nothing. Maybe she was connected with the Gods. But how in the heck would a 4th grade Teacher from North Carolina be connected to the rulers of the Worlds? It made no sense. Phoenix had told Goldenfire about her, and she thought the same thing. Could it be true?

After 4th grade ended, Phoenix had dropped the idea about Mrs. Raven. His new Teacher, Mrs. Cora had treated him with great respect. Now in 5th grade, his luck began to turn. She knew he was under a lot of pressure, so she went easy on him. When someone pushed him in the hallway, and he fought back she defended him from a Detention. Phoenix then told her that he was sorry, but she knew he would be. Then, that same thought came thru his mind. Could it possibly be?

All he knew, was she was nicer then ever before. Could Mrs. Raven and Mrs. Cora be connected to Zeus and Poseidon and all the others? The same thought from last time had triggered. He then soon, figured it out. But he didn’t ask. It was the Teacher…

That Day had astonished Phoenix. Mrs. Cora had happened to be a helper of Poseidon due to her family name. He was shocked, then telling her everything. Then from that day on, he had someone else he could count on. Mrs. Cora told her that Mrs. Raven was also a helper, and they both happened to be friends from their time at school. And that same exact school was the one they were teaching in. Phoenix had been so excited. Now, his School life had totally changed but in the good way.

He could remember all those years. From his first minute he walked in Mrs. Limestone’s class, to his last day in high school. He had his diploma, and his parents had a small celebration for it.

Now, Phoenix was on top of the world. He was now alone. His parents let him start his career as an adult. Someday, he would be a legend. He would be the New Zeus. But Phoenix-styled.

His journey on Nebula was a long one. Goldenfire wasn’t used to it. But he was. The search was so far unsuccessful, but he didn’t give up. They stopped in a middle of a forest. The forest was covered with many different animals, and the trees waved around like they were dancing. Some leaves came off the branches. It was peaceful.

Goldenfire sat down, leaning on a tree. She gazed at the sun, which was high in the sky. She could watch the sun without hurting her eyes, because of her golden fire. She stared at it for a few seconds, and then looked at Phoenix. He stood there, quiet.

He folded his arms. “We got to move, Goldenfire.” He said with a stern voice. She sighed, and then got up. She was tired. “I know, this journey is a vast time consuming mission, but we have to keep moving. It’s our order.” Goldenfire replied with a low voice. “Ok.” She yawned.

“Lets hustle.” Phoenix said quickly. They dashed within seconds. It was like a lighting strike having a race. Within less then 30 seconds, they were already through the long forest. “We just past 50 miles of Forest land.” Goldenfire said, breathing heavily. “Why can’t we just speed walk?” she asked, curious. Phoenix didn’t respond. He gave a hand signal to move out, and that was it. “Oh, come on! How do you not reply to anything I say? Huhh? How am I supposed to know your little hand symbols?”

Phoenix ignored her. He admired it when she got mad. Then, he chuckled. But said nothing. They were now at a large City, full of amazing buildings. They were very vivid. “This city is vivacious.” Goldenfire said, cheerfully. “Yes, it is.” Phoenix replied. The buildings had many different shapes and odd figures to them. Some were skyscrapers, that had black windows and the rest painted white. It was a very advanced area. Other buildings had multiple colors. Some of them perplexed Goldenfire, and she was confused on where to go. Phoenix grabbed her shit and pulled her to him, and kept moving. “Hey! Let go of my shirt!” She yelled.

“You are one interesting person.” Phoenix said. Laughing again. “Let me go!” she said again. Phoenix let go. Goldenfire puffed. “Humph.” Then she spoke. “Don’t do that again, you hear me?” Phoenix just walked past her, while she had her hands on her hips.

It took them only a few minutes, to search the entire city district. Nothing. They talked to the Mayor of the City. “Not even a trace?” Phoenix asked, disappointed. The mayor just shook his head. “Not a single one.” He replied. He continued, “I haven’t seen anything, so I therefore cannot help you, sorry.” He said, guilty. “No need to be nervous, sir. I’m not mad at you. Just wondering.” The Mayor then brightened up. “Good.” Goldenfire then stepped in the Mayor’s office. “Sir, can you tell us something?” “What is it, young lady? He asked. “Well, this City of Atonshia has been affected by a small crime percentage. Do you perhaps know what has caused that?” she said, determined she would catch him red-handed. “Oh, those?” “Those are just the minor crooks, the police have investigated. So that is false.” Goldenfire was quiet after that, then just said: “Oh, ok sorry!” then the conversation ended.

Both of them left, and then carried on. Then, when they walked out of the City, were a Memorial for the Fallen lives were located, they found two familiar figures. They looked like normal people. Phoenix tried to get a closer look. Then he knew. It was Iron fang and Hollow Fox! They were both stand there, waiting for them to join with them.

“Hey guys!” Goldenfire shouted. “Hey Goldenfire!” Said Hollow Fox. “Nice to see you, how have you been?” “Good.” Goldenfire said. Iron Fang greeted Her right after Hollow Fox did. It took a minute before they noticed Phoenix. “Oh hey Phoenix, didn’t see you there! Your awful quiet, how have you been?” said Hollow Fox. Phoenix smiled and replied. “I’m very good, you?” “I’m’ fine, thank you.” She replied

“Now it’s 2 Girls and two Guys, huh?” Iron Fang hitting Goldenfire on the shoulder. “Well, duh.” Said Hollow Fox, loudly. Hollow Fox talked the most. But Phoenix dealt with it. He didn’t like to talk excessively, which unlike her which she did 24/7.
The journey dragged on. They raced their way through the volcanic region of the planet and scanned everywhere. Still no trace. “How could it be?” Phoenix said. It seemed like nothing walked on this planet. But then, that changed. Phoenix heard a small noise coming from the tallest volcano, Mount. Draycore, and then it grew louder. “It seems like we found what we were looking for.” Said Iron Fang.

“C’mon let’s go.! Yelled Phoenix. The all jumped and flew up into the sky. Then came straight down into the mouth of the volcano. Then, they saw a standing figure. It was very quiet, just standing they’re waiting patiently. It was so still, it looked stiff.

It seem to not breathe. Phoenix looked up, and it was a Sliver, gray metal warrior with katanas on his back. It had a metal piece on the bottom, below the nose. It was a person in a metal warrior suit. It then pulled out it’s left kanta blade, then slowly putting it in both of its hands.

The others looked. “Oh, great.” Said Goldenfire. “Ummm, time to move, we got company!” yelled out Hollow Fox.

The figure then struck with his sword, hitting the volcanic ground. Phoenix dodged, as he was in front of it. Phoenix then rolled, then got up and released his powers. The Blue Spirit had come out of his body and went into the Metal warrior. It was hit and fell onto the ground. It was injured. Then it spoke. “I knew you were looking for me.”

“Yeah we were!” said Goldenfire. Phoenix walked towards him, looking down. “You are here to stop the War on Nebula.” Phoenix replied. “Yes, we are.” “Well, consider yourself lucky.” He laughed. “My name, if you want it is Cryptic. Remember it.” He said rudely.

The Four gods then captured him, and took him to Zeus, then send him to the Underworld. Hades was pleased by this, and promoted Phoenix. Phoenix had just stopped the War. Today, he felt successful.

After that, Nebula rested on it’s threshold with now peace as we know it.

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