Blue Pill, Chill Pill, Kick ass Pill and.... Wooooooow, what's that?..

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Eh, just felt like write something down.

Been just over 5 months since i saw a doctor and got put on some medications.

Still have moments of being frustrated, but it's usually justified.

No longer fight back. Instead i sit in silence and nod my head.

I can't stand negativity anymore. It's so much more noticeable in people now that i have flushed it from my life.

I sleep less

Think less, except for things that motivate me.

Thinking about in the near future of having a child. My partner keeps bringing it up now, and we both smile and think of the future.

Have to save up for that engagement ring first. Bloody diamonds.

Doing to handyman work with someone i never got along with. We get on great now and the cash in flowing in fast.

Writing wise I'm doing pretty good too. Actually have a stand alone novel/story that I'm really feeling. And more importantly, writing.

I also get alone with my mother and grand parents now. Have not raised my voice or broke anything in 5 months

I also like myself now.

I'm cool.

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