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Body English

Published by Rae Bradford in the blog Rae Bradford's blog. Views: 179

She had been ignoring me for years. She refused to answer the phone or talk to me at all. So, naturally, I went looking for her. I regretted finding her.

It was by total accident we saw each other. We hadn't talked to each other in two years and neither one of us expected to see the other there. Yet there she was, talking to him.

We had been together for a little while, but she left me for another guy. Our relationship ended so soon that no one had the chance to learn of it. She never told me why she left me, or who for. Now I wish I never found out.

She sat there, on the couch, her legs draped over his. Her smile was bright and she looked happy. They didn't say anything, just sat together. She was leaning against the arm of the couch and his head rested on her chest. She slowly ran her fingers through her hair. Every once in awhile, he’d pull his head and kiss her, as if he knew that’s what she wanted. He probably did.

They were in tune to each other. Every little gesture meant something. She moved her hand closer to his and he grabbed her hand and held it. She moved her arm and they re-positioned. You could see by the way he listened to her body that he wanted her to be happy. You could see every ounce of love etched on his face. And every time she saw this, she shivered.

He scared her. She found him intimidating. She acted like a child in his arms. Her body spoke wonders about her. And he sensed this timidity. This illogical, asinine fear.

She didn't know how to love someone. This was all new to her. Everything that happened between them was a new experience. Yes, she had kissed before. She had been held. But not by someone she loved.

And then I realized something. They had never said a word to each other, yet they knew exactly what to do to make the other happy. They were in tune with each other. They were in love. Which meant I had been chasing a girl who didn't love me.

I looked once more, to affirm that I had been watching correctly. They still sat together, not saying a word, being totally content with each other. They didn't need to tell each other how much they loved the other. They already knew.
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