Bombings in Pakistan

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There have been two bombings (in the sense of the word, perhaps more) in my hometown, or my perfect city Lahore, which is seemingly now a court for the catch-the-bomb game of stupid politicians.

One bombing took place in the house of a lawyer, not sure of his name, while another bombing took place in FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) building, in which around 50-60% of the employees had arrived, at least 500 people in the workforce. People from the nearby buildings and from those inside who survived, claim there were two bombs, not one.

This caused our house to tremble, and it seemed as if a car had hit our gate. I woke up to the noise - Allah, save us! It is terrifying to think of it. The lawyer's house wasn't too far from our own, well it was far but our house was in the same line as his. And did it scare us! The car which contained the bomb (in case of FIA) started to leak out their CNG and this increases chances of fire. Our house smells too!

There seems to be several fatalities, but the reporters claim only a few. What will become of mankind? Instead of standing at the accident site, making bucks for a stupid news channel and panicking everyone, those healthy and strong men should help the already scarce rescue team to save the people. Is money the only reason people live? How inhuman we have become. I'm just grateful that I didn't go to school. Could have been be in those 2 children's dead bodies.

I also hope nothing happened to my best friend, Mavra. She's a very sweet girl, but her father's in the Intelligence. Any chances of her getting intertwined are few, but one can never be too sure.

O Lord, help us. (Amen)
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