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Here is my boo-boo.

Can you see it?


I need you to see it.

I need you to validate it.

I need you to give it as much importance as I do.

It is my boo-boo.

And at the moment I am defining myself by it.

I have constructed a number of argumentative devices to keep it open and weeping.

I check it every day to make sure it does not heal or grow smaller.

I pick at it.

I prod it.

If you ask me, I will tell you that others have picked at it and prodded it.

Not me.

I have created unusual spellings of certain words to define my boo-boo and make it distinct from other boo-boos.

Later I will create whole vocabularies.


Where are you going?

You’re not looking at my boo-boo anymore………?

How can you be so insensitive?



Boo-boo, I said!
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