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Black Druids
Tales of ritual sacrifice by the druids are partly true. If a druid wants to cross from good to evil then he must be prepared to sacrifice a human, drink his blood and give up his right for reincarnation. The Goddess will then turn her back on him or her and the druid can cause harm; but the druid can now be killed without a right to reincarnation and no rebirth ceremony can be held that will bring back the druid’s soul. These are called black druids. It is believed that there is a small sect of these druids following the dark wizard.

The trip from white druid to black druid is not as cut and dried as "I want to be evil". The lure is usually the ability to stop death for another . Many Dark Druids cross the line to save a human loved one from death. There is a simple ceremony that can be preformed by a Dark Druid to stop natural death. The problem is that the ceremony leaves only part of a human.

A black druid can be well described as a vampire. A black druid must drink the blood of a human being sacrificed in a certain manner at least once a month in order to stay alive. A human who has been saved by a black druid must do the same. Many of the vampire tales that we hear today are actually from the human beings that the Dark Druids have saved. These humans, called donas, can only walk at night or they will die of seemingly natural causes. A Black Druid can walk around at any time. Donas have a strong dislike of the taste and odor of the genus monocot, especially garlic. Although most donas eats regular food most of the time, they must drink human blood to survive. The exception to this rule is a small number of donas who become so full of blood lust that they cease the nourishment of regular food. These donas usually become crazed with blood lust, dirty and unkempt. An extreme donas does not notice anything aside from the insane need to drink the blood of another human being. A donas can be killed by all of the things that kill another human being except natural causes. A Black Druid cannot. A donas is not effected in any particular way by religious symbols or silver.

A black druid can and does speed death on a regular basis. Black Druids are necromancers . A black druid can animate a body indefinitely. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a body that is being controlled by a Black Druid and the person that you once knew and loved. The only way to know for sure is to weigh the body. If you knew their weight before you will see an 8 pound difference. Eight pounds is the weight of the average soul. A Black Druid body can live with you for years without your knowledge. The problem is that if the necromancer loses control for whatever reason there is almost instant decay. This is why if a Black Druid chooses to use this power, it is usually only for a short time.

The most powerful magic available to a Black Druid is darkness. Darkness is like a smoke screen laced with fear. It can cover and hide things. It can also cause an almost paralyzing fear; a fear so strong that it is nearly painful. When manipulated properly, darkness a can actually cause real physical pain. When applied long enough, it can cause the victim to become crazy. It can be quite useful .

A black druid has given up his right to join the Goddess . A soul cannot be reborn in a new body or go to be with the goddess if it has killed without reason. If a black Druid dies he becomes a shadow. A shadow has no power and must watch the world around him or her happen. A white druid can think of no more terrible fate than becoming a shadow. For this reason, a Black Druid can never redeem himself with a white druid . A White Druid that is a seer can often see shadows. A sensitive human may also sense their presence.

There are two ways to kill a black druid. One is to stop the ritual sacrifice ceremony. The other is to chop off his head. If you chop off his head his soul will leave the body and become a shadow.
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