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...and AREN'T here yet.

One is the last edition of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series. Understandably, the last book seemed to have quickened the pace considerably, as if things were being rushed. I didn't mind it as much since the book before that, Crossroads of Twilight, was, for action purposes, painful to get through.

I hope it's going to be as awesome as I think, but I have a bad feeling about it. Too much anticipation on a book that's being closed by a person who did not share RJ's original vision. Ah well...

Two is the next edition of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. The first book was the kind you read for the first time and know you're going to marry. I'm not even sure how many books are out. I had stopped reading it a while ago and- like Robert Jordan's Crossroads of Twilight there was a lot of rumors that the latter books were kind of sucking. Not wanting to ruin a great beginning I didn't pick it up again.

Three. Yeah, Stephen wins twice on my must get list. Apparently, he has come out and said that he dares make another sequel to The Shining. This is like making a sequel to the Bible. Somewhere in the back of my mind broods the question of whether this is simply a marketing stunt. I hope not. Stephen should hope not (rubs my knife maniacally). Actually, I never read the book. That the movie was that great only makes me think the book was even more awesome. How can I not expect the best?

And Four, Game of Thrones, though it is here already. Well, I've been hearing about this G.R.R. Martin guy. Other than having too many names, he's created some series that's gotten it's own television show on HBO, but I've been assured there's less than 90% sex and drugs. I don't know what it is about. I purposefully dodged any elaborating info on it to avoid plot spoilers or anything of the sort. Hope it's good.

That about wraps it up. I would like to read a great science fiction story again. The last one I read was by Isaac Asimov, lol. I'm a bit dated. Guess I'll have to browse.
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