Raven Mar 19, 2009
The man carried the insignia of the Federal military yet the barcode was a Penal tattoo much like the one on the back of his own neck. A second later the windows shattered followed by a flash bang grenade. Jared’s vision went white as the whole wall by the balcony exploded. He staggered from the room into the hallway still clutching the gun from the open door. He looked back to see six figures armed the same and well armoured in the body tight armour. The six guns trained at his position then opened up. Jared moved kick stumbling over the wounded soldier in the hallway. He turned and fired killing the groaning man.

Jared began to run down the dirt stained hallway heading for the stairs reloading the gun with the second magazine he’d managed to snatch he stopped at the stairs to the sound of approaching footfalls heading up.

“Frag.” He spat looking for another way out.

The six from his apartment began closing in on his position. Quickly he turned to the stairs heading up and headed off up them carrying his sub machine gun in a tight grip. Once at the next level he saw a stained window leading onto another balcony. Wasting no time Jared opened fire on the window. The glass shattered and he jumped through landing feet first on the cracked flooring looking out on the dismal district he was several floors up leaving a deadly drop should he fall. In the distance he saw two gunships with powerful beaming lights searching across the hab block. The darkness soon lit him up as one of the spot lights beamed down on him. Pointing his gun he fired at the light of the fastly approaching gunship the light went out leaving darkness again yet the gunship opened fire spraying the balcony in an entourage of bullet fire. The path soon began to give way from the blasts. Jared ran across to the next hab apartment and smashed himself through the window followed by a shower of glass in his wake the apartment was derelict and empty.

The door burst open as another soldier entered gun aimed at his head. Jared ducked down to one knee and fired the man stumbled back against the wall from the impact as the bullets cut through his carapace armour leaving five holes leaking blood out from the attack. A second solder entered pistol aimed at him. Jared went to fire again but the gun clicked empty he threw the gun and went for the soldier bearing fists into the masked intruder. One hard slam from his left fist and the mask came off revealing a woman’s face young and well maintained. Jared cared not and slammed his fist hard across her nose. Blood spattered in his face. The woman groaned and Jared slammed a second fist his her eye. She went down. Jared grabbed her sub machine gun held at her side breaking the strap then took the gun of the other fallen.

Two more solders entered from the window guns aimed at his head laser dots landing on his forehead. Using both guns Jared fired at the ground in a circle before they could make kill shots. The ground gave way and Jared went down landing feet first in the below apartment still firing Jared fell through again pieces of the floor following him down, still firing at the ground in a circle he went through a third floor. Landing hard on his knees once both guns clicked empty Jared fled the apartment kicking the elderly lady of this apartment in his way over and yanked the door open.


The large bulky Gunship lowered into the ally way waiting for Jared to emerge its large guns trained on the exit.
Kagen rose from the pilot’s seat sending controls to his co-pilot and zipped up his black leather bomber jacket.

“Mark take control and cover the bridge to the next hab block.” Said Kagen taking both his large stub pistols and jumping from the gunship into the ally.

“I want this bastard.”

Kagen knew Jared was a dangerous foe and wouldn’t go down easily after all he was an escaped Penal Rat Pack operative. Holstering one pistol he adjusted his Captains cap and headed off into the darkness kicking one of the side doors open and entered the lower hab block. It didn’t take long before he heard Jared stumble down the stairs. Kagen fired twice both shots pinged of the metal stair frame missing his target who leaped at him landing his left foot directly in his face. Kagen stumbled backwards his back landing hard in the stone wall.

Kagen looked up in time to see Jared land another fist in his face followed by a second then a third. The Captain felt the taste of copper in his mouth from the rise of blood and the pain almost forcing him to black out. Jared finally slammed his elbow in Kagen’s temple knocking him down hard. Jared stumbled out the door into the ally just in time to see the gunship pass over. He felt a sharp pain brace across his shoulder followed by the feeling of trickling water down his back. He knew there and then Kagen had shot him. Still reeling on adrenaline Jared fled down the ally disappearing into the darkness.

Kagen staggered out gun aimed straight blood dripping from his mouth and nose he tapped the com in his ear.

“Bastards eluded me. I’m guessing he’s headed for the main district gardens. Trap him in there.” Kagen said spitting blood across his shoes.

“Once he’s cut off in the gardens leave him to me.” Barked another voice down the com channel.

“Aye Colonel as you wish.” Kagen sputtered, dropping back against the dirt stained wall and sliding down grimacing with pain.


Jared found himself zig zagging through the streets at every turn the soldiers seemed to be there leading him towards the district gardens. A large garden for the inhabitants of Devlin city. The sky was dark layering everything in a dark and dirty green colour under the dim lights of the city that hung from the large dome of glass far above. The pain from the bullet wound in his left shoulder was beginning to slow him. he soon realised he wasn’t getting away this time, yet he decided to let them force him into the gardens. He suspected he would meet an old friend there after all the soldiers he’d slain were all penal incarcerated then lifted into military service. He should be honoured they thought so highly of him. Sweat poured from his brow under the humid heat and the throbbing in his back. He stopped to watch one of the soldiers emerge from a corner a six shot buck pistol aimed at his head. Jared swept low kicking the idiot through the knee cap. The man went down fast Jared landed a fist hard into his gullet breaking the mans windpipe. He took the gun as it stumbled from the mans hand and left him choking on his own blood. Slowly he evaded the gunships and soldiers and entered the district gardens.

After a few minutes he’d managed to get a quarter of the way in when he stopped to witness groups of soldiers take up firing positions around the edges of the great garden and the Gunships hovered at the corners not quite breaching the gardens space.

He looked up to the sound of approaching foot steps and soon noticed the aroma of fine cigar smoke drifting his way. Jared staggered still gripping his gun and stopped as he laid eyes on a large brute of a man stood waiting for him. The man wore black clothing with a tight armour around his thighs and chest. He flicked the butt of an empty cigar across the path with his thick bionic hand which looked more like a metallic glove. He recognised the unmistakable blue tinted shades and the Colonel insignia on his shoulders.

“I should’ve known they’d send you.” Jared spat still clenching his six shot side arm tightly.

“Who else could bring scum like you down.” Colonel Rybok returned spitting phlegm across the path.

Jared winced from pain yet still managed to stand straight looking into the colonels face.

“So how we doing this.” Jared said.

“Only one way this is gonna end.” Rybok returned.

“I’ll say this you bastard you were born to kill alright.” Jared grinned.

Rybok stood firm watching as Jared struggled to stand straight.

“Lets finish this then.” Jared said.

A second later Jared raised his six shot pistol to fire but wasn’t quick enough and felt the thud of a large calibre bullet slam into his heart and piercing through his back. Blood spattered across the grass he stood on as he dropped to his knee’s letting his gun fall from his grasp. The taste of copper filled his mouth with the blood that followed dripping from his lips.
Jared looked up to see the Colonel holstering his large custom made side arm at his waist. The pain rasped hard through his body his heart all but gone and death swiftly reaping its way through his body. Jared fell hard onto his back with a spatter of more blood showering from his mouth on impact.

As the life drained from him Jared watched as Rybok approached and crouched down to one knee then took a large cigar from inside his black bomber jacket. He lit the cigar and inhaled then exhaled.

“You got a fat turd for every occasion you frag bastard.” Jared moaned.

“There is no dishonour in your death Jared Slovnyk. Now do us both a favour and fragging die.” Rybok said then stood once he realised Jared had died.

Rybok tapped the com bead in his ear.

“The target is down. I repeat The target is down.” He said whilst inhaling from his cigar. Rybok then walked off leaving the still corpse of Jared Slovnyk.

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