Borrowed Meaning

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Yet another pedantic rant by Wrey.

Today I am on the phone with one of my banking clients and the client is using the word product over and over again.



I think to myself, "Mr. Banking Person-Dude, don't you mean service? Banks haven't printed their own money in well over a century here in the U.S. so I cannot see how you are offering a product to your client."

Every time he said the word product, it was like another handful of wet sand accumulated in an uncomfortable place in my bathing suit.

A product is a product, and a service is a service.

One is a tangible, the other an intangible.

"Mr. Banking Person-Dude, are you deliberately using the word product in this context because you want to borrow the emotional satisfaction that having something real and tangible in your own two hands brings to the person who is about to shell out his/her hard earned money? Is that what is going on? Are you dressing this word up in stiletto pumps, g-string, and fishnets to sell an ersatz idea?"

Tsk, tsk.

*passes one index finger over the other in the universal gesture of "shame, shame."*
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