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Published by burned_out in the blog burned_out's blog. Views: 85

I really need to figure out a beginning, because I think people would rather read the beginning through end, not middle, to beginning, to end. Haha. I also need to get rid of this writers block.

Ideas for Owen asking Marie to run away with him:

1) An outing with friends, pull her aside and ask her.
2) Phone conversation, then face-to-face discussion about it
3) Maybe change my entire story to make it look like a spur of the moment thing? Probably not, but will look into it.

Ideas for First Chapter:

1) A dream
2) Marie's parents do something to make her not want to stay
3) Some background on their relationship, and how strong it is.
4) Incorporate James's and I's story. Maybe. Big maybe.

Ahhhh this is haaaaard....but I want to finish.
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