Braking the rules.

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There are so many rules. The best I can do is general creative writing and fanatical editing and critique myself. We all have a fault and perfection is it. I am going to follow my way/style and pick up what I can from other members. I write from my mind and heart. I see where the words themselves are the bedrock of writing. I destroyed any attempt to write correctly including subject and predicate, yet these two words make a little sense to me, but not with every sentence. I use the word flow because I sense the the words should flow, and that is one way to keep the reader busy.

I love words and also to see them down on this screen. I am proud to be a member of this forum but I feel I am below where all of you are. My imperfection was twenty years without editing I just put down a subject and storied away. I now see my errors. But as a senior citizen we should be overlooked as far our imperfections, for someday you to will be there and will know what I am writing about. Thanks for listening. Writer One
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