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So here I am world!! I'm coming out!
...Yeah it's not that exciting but that doesn't mean we can't make it exciting, right? So I am new here (brandspankin'New) and I have decided that in this wonderful period between joining and the end of the two weeks that I must wait to post any of my writing I am going to start a bog. Who knows how long I am going to be able to keep this up seeing as how busy my life is and all.
In my blog I am planning on covering two major worldwide stories, one story of something that would only make news in the USA, a complete BS story that shouldn't be in the news ANYWHERE, a book review or a song, and then a random Wikipedia page. (I am secretly in love with wikipedia no matter how many times a teacher tells me that the information is not always accurate! REBEEELLL!)

Today (to night really) I am not going to post any news stuff just cause. Yup! Just stepping out of the bubble!
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