Breaking Your Wind

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In life, there's probably two kinds of winds you break, and both of them make you smile doing it.

One is called flatulence and is a release of gas built up in your rectum. The sudden release of pent up pressure can be so relaxing you smile...or giggle. Either way, you day is a little lighter if not funnier.

As a runner, it's when you finally come pass that moment when it seems you are trying to take ten breaths for every stride to where you are sailing across the pavement at such relative ease you could literally zone out. After a few strides I guess, the brain decides it can put you on loop for a while.

I think riders have a similar break of wind. At some moments, it seems to command a great effort just to write down a couple of sentences or a paragraph. You could be trying to write your first word. What was so easy to imagine in your head becomes maddening when put to paper and your more likely to break the desk than get a straight thought out. However, with drive, perseverance, soon the thoughts do come smoothly and the words come so easily you have to keep yourself from babbling. Writing becomes effortless, automatic, and you only have to work on your form. And it made ME smile, because it feels like finally the cogs move together for once and the difficult can be achieved.

Writing is awesome. Hope it becomes a full time awesome one day before I'm gray.
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