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Breakup part 2

Published by CarolineSavage in the blog CarolineSavage's blog. Views: 103

Okay, so its 1 am in the morning and i have no idea what i'm doing up or even what to type about at this moment. I will probably regret writing this when i wake up, but i'm doing it anyway. I am currently single getting over a rough break up. Break ups are tough, when your by yourself your a mess, when your with your friends you feel okay. There are girls i know who can get over guys so easy and i look at them and say wow...you are very lucky to get over a heart break that fast but at the same time i think are they really over it or just putting it in the back of there head to cry about when they get home from school? When me and my boyfriend recently broke up i was very upset and shocked i never saw it coming i knew i had to do something quick to not get into a sad, depressing rut where i'm sitting in bed crying. So i went to the gym and guess what? It helped i feel like it really helped me feel better, occupy some of my time and get my mind of things. When you get your heart broken all you feel like doing is eating... well that's how i feel. But this time was different this time i want to feel good about myself and start to look good as well. I just felt like sharing a bit of my knowledge on breakups hope it helps some of you! Also check out my "Infamous breakup" for more advice. You can comment below on a topic related to love, men or women you would like me to discuss.

p.s i will not just be writing about breakups if anyone is wondering once i'm feeling a bit better i'll be blogging about much more!

Stay happy! xo
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