Breast Cancer Prevention treatment awareness care

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Have you ever wondered why so many women and men get breast cancer??
After much research there are 3 main reasons why and how people get it.

1. At the cancer institute they discovered that 100% of all breast cancer patients, none of them have iodine in their systems. The most enriched form of Iodine is seaweed. With all of the sushi sales in the past few years more and more people are eating seaweed so that will help allot.
2. Deodorant is a major factor also. Try to only buy deodorants that have contain no aluminum. You are rubbing aluminum into your arm pits daily, and that metal is good for no one ever! Only get deodorants that say deodorant and if it says antiperspirant then never buy it.
Try not to cook with aluminum, throw away any Teflon pans that you own- and only use Iron pans.
3. If you get pregnant then please nurse your baby if you are able. Try to nurse for at least 6 months. It is healthy for the baby and it will greatly reduce your risk for getting breast cancer. Studies show that longer you nurse the less likely you are to get it.
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