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I'm new to the game, I get that. There are some very talented works here and it's all part of the experience, learning from your peers is part of the experience of writing. I must admit that in my rush to learn that I strayed to other websites. Its no big crime, looking at another site ;) I did come across another site called my writers circle that you can look at here. It's very much like this site but there are small differences, for one they don't MAKE you review other peoples work so that you can in turn have your work reviewed.

Just to be clear I think that this is a bad thing, I think that maybe we don't review each others works enough, I'm certain that people have just signed onto the site hoping to get their work reviewed ASAP but are annoyed at having to review other peoples works. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, there are always exceptions, in my short amount of time here I've noticed people that contribute constantly in all aspects.

I digress (always wanted to say that) what I am trying to say is that at this other site, they post more jobs for budding writers, hell even jobs for experienced writers that are trying to get that first book deal done. Being the curious fellow that I am I looked at this page, it was almost immediately that I was taken aback at all the opportunities for new and upcoming writers. It was almost like the wild west, bounties offered for various pieces ranging form erotic to Christian. There were so many bounties being offered that I felt out of my league.

Then I took a breath, I realized that I dont want to just take odd jobs for fame, although I would love to share my work with the world and get paid for it. I realized i didnt start writing to take $50 here and there, I wrote because it meant something.

I do admit that there is a romantic idea about being a wild wordsmith and taking odd jobs here and there. I think that the purpose may be lost taking these odd jobs. Then again we all have to eat! So with that being said, maybe we are in the wild west of cyberspace, maybe one day I'll be staring at the other end of one of you guys or girls!

Take care all and keep on writing, if you want to look at more of my work have a gander here
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