Brothers and Sisters, it has finally happened!!

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:pI have finally quit my job! :cool:

My last day will be a week from Sunday.

I'm so excited because, even though the atmosphere was really nice (for the most part) and my boss was probably the nicest boss I will ever have in my life, I just didn't have time to do relatively anything, and since while the paycheck was a nice CHA-CHING every week, it just wasn't worth my collapsing every night and staying up until 2AM to get homework done.

Seriously, the last time I sat on the living room couch? Like a month, at least.

SO YAY!! I never have to see those creeps again (yes, there was a fair share of perverted creeps) and the people I do plan to stay in touch with I will.

I'm ecstatic, because I can actually go home and do nothing!!! I'm excited, I'll have time for ME!!

Oh I'm ridiculously happy. :)

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