Burning Cities RPG

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A thread for an RPG I'd like to start up, should be appearing shortly in the RPG forum. But I thought I should go and post a lot of the back ground information on something other then the thread. Because that could get really crowded. So I'll be posting a lot of it here.
The gist of the game is you control a city of your own creation. There are a dozen cities plus a nomadic option. Whatever cities aren't controlled by a PC I control as NPC's

Anyways here is the main city Tilf that only I shall control, and is the cause of all the problems at the beginning of the game.

Grand City of Tilf

Ruler: Regent Christopher the Fourth Guardian of the High Road.
Power Structure: Hereditary Regent, with a weak Council of Merchants who can theoretically veto most of the Regents decisions.
Population: 230,000 in the city, 60,000 in the surrounding area.
Population breakdown: 56% Dwarves, 40% Human, 4% Others
Army: 30,000 general militia (poorly trained), 18,000 City militia (well trained), 10,000 soldiers (professional), 1000 Mercenaries (Elite)
Focus of knowledge (magic or technology): Technology, supported by controlling the main trading route with the outside world.
Allies: No known ones at this time.

The Grand City of Tilf is the most powerful city in the Valley. It has controlled the main pass to the outside world since its creation and uses that fact mercilessly to enforce strict tariffs. Being at the base of the mountains with a river running directly through the city, its defences are formidable. Combined with Dwarf artisans building innumerable supply depots deep in the mountains, and it's understandable most Cities don't want to fight it.
Only the fact that several alliances have always managed to outmaneuver the slow moving Tilf forces when they've gone on the warpath keeps them in check.
Five months ago Tilf hired a mercenary army with advanced weapons that ventured through the pass. It was only discovered one month ago just how good these new muskets, and cannons were when spies managed to steal several muskets.
Tilf has constructed a formidable army, able to out shoot every other army in the region. And the new lighter cannons have increased its speed dramatically.
With its rich mineral resources, industrial might, its new weapons, and its size Tilf is more powerful then ever before. It's only remaining weakness is it's general lack of magic users.

Only time will tell if that is enough.

This is the most powerful city. Any potential players, if your city matches this, its too powerful.
This is also the general layout for cities if you choose to create one.
I'll post the weakest possible city now for comparison.
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