Burning Down The House!!

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So I created a rather nice house design that I like in Minecraft. A bit different then the one that I had before. Basicly it had a tall middle with 2 rooms on either side poking forward with two doors to both rooms. The middle room allowed access to the roofs that would be fenced off. Well lets just leave it at its a nice simple design.

So i decided to do some remodeling. Knocked down a wall here and there, basicly took down a second floor. I did some rebuilding, then knocked it down deciding to stick with the blue prints(a rough thing done in Paint) and then I had to move my lava around as it was in the way. Found a nice little place for it and had my small lava pool.

Awhile later I was building/digging and I placed a wooden block accidentally over the lava area. Well in such a way that it caught fire.

So heres the thing. If 1 flammable block is next to another and it catches fire? Well it goes from 1 block to the next to the next. Until it burns everything to a point where it can no longer jump from 1 flammable block to the next.

My house? Almost entirely made out of wood. Luckily I went for the stone stair cases. But yeah my walls, my floors, my roof, all of it was wood.

Bye bye house. :(

Luckily chests arn't flammable... thank god. but I only figured this out after I placed water all over my important chest. But yeah.

Good Game Lava. Good Game.
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