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Busy busy busy

Published by Imaginarily in the blog Imaginarily's blog. Views: 198

First of all, :dead:.

Second of all, I do still have every intention of getting back to my WIP, critiquing things in the Workshop, and generally being a productive citizen here.

I've reached a crossroads in my life. I don't make nearly enough money at my job to support myself (my dad has been helping with bills) and my boss told me there's no chance for promotion or a raise.

So, fuck this job. There's literally no reason to stay here.

I've been told that Java is a pretty universal coding language and I could get a reliable job pretty much anywhere with it - and my base income would almost double at entry level.

I meant to start learning this code two weeks ago, but I am the worst at time management. WoW has been hella distracting, but I gotta just put the fun down for a while each day and get on this. My life right now is unsustainable, so... Yeah.

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