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So next month I am going to being frantically writing for Camp Nano. It is a story that won't let me work on the sequal to another story I've already started. If I get it out of my head, then I can focus on the other one.

On top of that I have school. Drawing can be just as time consuming as writing.

Then there is work. Which I'm not a fan of but atleast I have an awesome group of people to work with.

And I need to plot two stories and rework another plot. This one is not nessacary but I'm a multitasker. It actually helps me, since i have such a short attention span. This way I don't waste my creativity.

I just have to battle my serious case of procrastionation to do all of this.

So for me that's busy.

So the story I'm working on for Camp Nano is a reimagineing of Vampires and Werewolves. I actually have like two or three different types I've made up but I'm using the others for another story.

Here's a basic summary:
Valerie, a quite girl in a small southern town in the 60's, has to fight an internal struggle to survive.
Rik just wants to tell her how he feels about her.
Tim and Kimber aim to help her fight her demons and live to see another day.
Ryan, though, will do everything in his power to make sure she subcumbs to the darkness that wells inside her and join his side.

I am aiming for a horror story. I only hope I can convey that well enough when I write it. Also will be apart of a trilogy.

The other story I already have a rough draft of is based off D&D. I fully intend to send it to Wizards once I work out the kinks. It's an actual campaign my group was going to do before one of the members was killed in an accident. I decided in honor of him, to take the campiagn and tell it from his characters point of view.

It is also the first manuscript I have finished. The story will be told in a trilogy. No matter how much I might try to avoid multi book(not that I have anything wrong with them, I just have to many ideas to drag out one of them) I always end up with more than one book.

Anyways I'm off topic. The story follows two gnome siblings, who were raised by dragonborns, in search of their past. They uncover quite the conspirisy and even find another sibling.

I had so much fun writing this story, but I know it needs an unbelieveable amount of editing.

Also I seem to have trouble naming stories. I'm not happy with the working titles at the moment. How do you come up with a title? The vampire story is temporaily called "Blood Pure", though it's still fairly new and I'm not sure. If I keep it the werewolf novel will be called "Family Pure". The D&D story is the one I just can't figure out. It's titled "The Gnome Trials" for now but that is definately not what I'd want to publish it with.

So enough of my prattling today.
Piece it!

P.S. Just realized I use "so" a lot. :rolleyes:
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