But, but....however?

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Yesterday I had the luxury of being able to sit down and transcribe a few rough pages of my novel onto my computer. Everything was going fine...until I decided to look over a few earlier pages. As I did I noticed one word that kept jumping up and slapping me in the face, but. It was everywhere! In the narrative, and in the dialogue! A quick word count put the total at 126 buts in 18,657 words.
I'm still in the 'completing the first draft' stage of my novel, but (ahhh! there it is!) this is a problem that I fear is growing. Sure there are alternative words like however and although, but (grrrr) they're only masking the issue. I either need to do A LOT of rewriting or come up with an effective way of eliminating this pesky, little word.

I know focusing on the issue isn't going to get my novel done, so i'll put it behind me, grab some lunch and then get back to work!
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