cake hunting, gardening, writing, blurbs and a walking baby! It's been hectic!

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Well over the last week I've been busy, busy. With Tobin turning one on Tuesday, I had to hunt down a cake to make, and I've found the perfect one! A tiered circus cake.

Yup, it's perfect! We took the kids to the circus last week and they loved it. I was surprised just how much our little 11 month old actually enjoyed it. They didn't have lions and elephants, tigers and other dangerous animals. They had geese, dogs, horses and cows. It was really good. The animals don't exactly do much, nor what they are told to do, but it was really great to see the kids enjoy it so much!

This week, things have been pretty hectic. Dan's been writing more shorts and sending them off, and he also received his first blurb for his his novel, Samhane, from none other than Fran Friel!

Horror lovers rejoice--you're about to be scared...or scarred. Russell's well-crafted nightmares will haunt you long after you've closed the pages of Samhane! --Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Finalist-MAMA'S BOY AND OTHER DARK TALES

She told Dan via email that she really enjoyed the read, which ultimately, is what every writer wants to hear!

The German version of Samhane is going well, the publisher has informed us that he is sending the documents to the printer next week for a print preview, so the book should be out in German within a few weeks! Very exciting! The US version is just waiting on the last few blurbs, then the layout master will be able to get the cover finished so it can go to print. The interior layout has been done and we were really pleased with how amazing it looks, so the cover we know, will be even more amazing!

I've also been out getting my garden ready. Why? Because the other day there was a snake up the road (still debate over the snake. I thought it was a Tiger Snake, someone else thought it was a Dugite). It had been run over and was dead on the road, but it had a distinctive yellow belly. It took 2 and a half hours to do the tiered gardens, I've just got the front to do now. It's exhausting, because this is all grass and weeds. We can't just spray it, and can't mow it, so I'm out there with a Brushcutter, cutting away at the weeds. Which is painful, because the vibration really hurts your arms! Plus, I only get the time in which Tobin is asleep to do it in, as I've no one to watch him while I am in the garden.

Then two nights ago, our new neighbour came down to tell us her dog had bailed up a snake in their yard that day. So now we know the snakes are out, we are doing everything to get the yard to a point where we can see under EVERY single tree. Gotta make it as safe as possible for the kids.

And on a real high note to end my little rant, Tobin has taken hisfirst 3 steps! Yes! Little baby Tobin is finally taking his first steps! His first steps were taken 6 days before he turns 1. So very proud of him and can't wait till he is up and running around getting into everything. Will be loads of fun!

Anyways, that's me this week. :)

I am sure Dan will be posting his own blog about his blurb and how his writing is going this weekend.
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