Call for Guest Blogs/Interviewees!

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To Whom it may concern,

In addition to writing, I do have a ‘real’ job. Well, a sort of real job, if you count being paid just enough to survive so that you can pipette chemicals and dissect mice a ‘real job’.

Digressions regarding the inequity of graduate student compensation in the sciences aside, the next few months should be very busy for me. I will be carrying out the experiments required to appease the reviewers of my research paper, finishing my Thesis, defending my Thesis, and finding a new and some-what-more-real J.O.B.

As such, I am inviting you to help fill in any of the blanks that may occur on my author blog, 'the J. Aurel Guay Archive' in the form of author guest posts and interviews. You don't even need to be a published author, you just need to have something worth sharing ;). You can see my previous interviews with authors HERE. Contact me by comment, tweet, or FB if you have something literary or clever to share, or have an interest in being subjected to an intense full contact chess match/author interview.


~J. Aurel Guay
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