Can you work fast and under pressure?

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The answer for me is a resounding "No". And that eliminates me from a lot of jobs. I'm a slow thinker. I need a job which gives me some space to daydream, to potter around and double check things. This made me think that the ideal job was security guard. No, not the ones who toss out patrons at bars and pubs. More the gate sentry types who have half an eye on proceedings and the other half on 'what if" scenarios in their imagination. I'm surprised there aren't any famous writers who weren't once working in the security industry.
Now I can understand that some of you reading this are either self-employed or working in manic paced jobs. You might be a pizza delivery driver or a supermarket cashier. You haven't got time to be distracted and you like it that way. The shift flies and you can get home and then focus on your writing. But me? I like to fritter away the hours at work imagining my control-freak colleague is transported to another time and place, facing insurmountable odds in order to win the day. Or I have an idea for a security industry satire, where the last thing on anyone's mind is anyone else's security except their own. The boss is so anxious and paranoid, he secretly uses CCTV cameras on toilets. Then there is absolutely no sanctuary at work, no where to hide, no where to go. Your shift ends with a huge sigh, just to have survived the big brother scrutiny of it all. You are being paid to live and breathe a reality TV show every day. But the boss is only lookin for faults. What can I do wrong in a toilet for God's sake? Steal the toilet paper?:)
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