Can't find a job? Screw with scammers!

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Oh, job hunting. Is there no part of earning a degree more fun that the subsequent hunt to do ANYTHING with it? I'm pretty sure there isn't.

While hunting for a 'real job' I stumbled upon an ad for a personal assistant position. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was local and paid (slightly) better than my current gig. I contacted the poster, and received a reply. It was clearly an email scam. Here is our discussion thus far.

05/24/11 He replied:
And I responded:
I provided my address, phone, and school email so that I can talk to him. I love talking to scammers. My long term goal is to get stuff mailed to me by one. Perhaps this will be the guy!

Notice that my name has changed to no longer match my email or previous correspondences. Notice the use of CAPSLOCK, which scammers love. Also note how eager I am to get to work making the orphanage home children so very happy. Even when I am messing with fake people my philanthropic nature shines through.

I will post up as our 'working relationship' develops.
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