Can't Sleep

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No coffee for me at night anymore. Last night I drink some and woke up the next day at about 2 and as much as I love sleeping in, waking up at 2 really messes me up where things like eating are concerned and that's probabaly why I'm not tired now. I know I've just been lurking here and not posting, and truthfully I only joined at first to be able to read other's writings. As for reviewing? I don't know...I truly see its importance and it does help any writing site gain a more commuity feel, rather then random people typing thier work that no one even reads. Ya, I'm just worried about doing it wrong or just saying stupid stuff that won't help anyone...sooner or later I'll try though.

So, speaking of reviews [don't worry, this is for a whole 'nother site completly...from what I've read here so far I've seen no one here guilty of this] how do you tell someone thier character seem dry, cliche, overly-romantic...the fact said character is always with thier love and can't stand to be without them for one second. And all the characters seem to be the same, except for a different name? Oh, and it's just a bit...sad I think that they need thier guy [It's always the girl who has this problem with these people] to remind them every 5 seconds that they're not stupid, ugly, mean, rude, etc... Now, I do get that people who fall in love, expescially when they first meet, like to be with the one they love...wouldn't really work if they didn't. But...these characters, right as they meet the one they love, don't even hang out with the one's who they claim to be thier best friend anymore. I also do understand that there are times when one feels unworthy for some reason of being loved and they need cheering up, but, it seems these characters are always feeling ugly and useless, and it's only the girl's too. Also, these people's modern characters talk as if they're from the Victorian Era...that prim and proper speech. Ok, so, maybe I'm making too much of a big deal out of this since thier characters are only on the C-Box when they C-Box RPG...but I simply can't stand to see them RPG makes me want to scream. But, how do I say this without being rude? No, I don't expect an answer really, I just needed to get that out.

Oh, and I got a new idea for a book that has to be done by 2012...or, it doesn't have to, but I think that'd be really cool. :D Basically, long ago, before any planets were even inhabited, there was a group of gods and a group of demons, who fought for the rights of each planet. As time went on, all the planets were rightfully claimed...each group creating thier own worlds and people, only, there was one planet that was not claimed...a certain blue planet. A pact was soon made that the gods and demons would share this little planet called Earth. The gods sent some aliens called the Mayans down to Earth to watch out for the demons doing. The demons then got angry at this and tried to force them to protect the Earth for all times, they arranged a marriage between a Mayan and a human, who had a half-alien, half-human baby who got to stay on Earth since the baby was part human. The baby and all it's ancestors fufill a very important prophecy...when the time comes, when the demons try to fully claim the earth, the decendents of this child will have to step up and save the planet. My idea is the person will suddenly get all the powers a normally Mayan alien has. I don't know how old to make the character idea is later teens/young adult.

And if you get an e-mail from a site that basically says that they're no longer taking any beginner/intermitide apps but it says so no where in the site, should you be suspicious? I mean, 'cus, see here's the thing...on this site, you e-mail the app to the mods [it's a fairly large site, so I could see how it'd be hard to keep track of every new app] and they tell you what you need to change. I asked about what they said I needed to change and if they way I thought about tweaking it would be alright. They responded, I responded with my new app, I got the message saying they no longer accepted beginner/intermitide apps. Now, if this rule had always been a rule there, don't you think they would've said something? And they said "no longer accepting..." which I take to mean they once did and now don't. But, wouldn't there be a rule somewhere on the site saying that? I looked all over and found nothing about that.

Ack, it's 3:30 so I should probabaly try to go to sleep.
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