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Catalogued of races

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 110

There were actually four races that were originally created on Exzalia each one to represent a basic element, The first was humans.
Humans are the most numerous and diverse of all the sentient beings, they have many cultures, physical traits and religions. They do not however have different languages, no not on this world. The humans of Exzalia have a few key differences that make them unique, They can live up to 300 years, there usually stronger and taller than the humans of earth and, with less deformities. But they are by no means perfect, they are subject to the the same faults as we are.

Now there are five kinds of human on Exzalia they are.

Damirians. A tall group with dark milky skin, white to silver hair, and yellow or gold eye's.

Lorians. Fair skinned with black hair and sapphire blue eye's, not quiet as tall as Damirians stopping at around 6 feet.

the Charon. shorter than both of the above, the people of Charon have darker skin than the Damirians, but their eye's are a bright red or orange colour, as with their hair.

Grovians. They are most like us having a varied array of eye and hair colour though their skin is usually fair, it varies in shade. average height 7 feet.

The lost ones. A mysterious group of humans spotted living in cloud gate, an area completely covered in mist continually. legend has it none of them ever see the sun. The shortest type, the lost one grow little more than five feet they have skin as white as snow, their eye's are pitch black, not much is known of them.

All humans have the ability to weave all kinds of aether and it is this along with their adaptability that has allowed them to be so successful.

But they are not by any means the only race on this world.

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