Causality of Sociality

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I am just another accident.
I am just another hazard in the causality of sociality.
I've been pushed and hurt a lot by people.
I've always gotten back up, maybe defended myself a little.
Most would be like if you could power through it like you do, then you feel nothing about it.
Doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt.
It hurts a lot actually.
Especially knowing you'll never be in the crowd with people.
You'll only be in the crowd in the sense of the talk of the town.
And yes you could pretend so much and even play a joke that they are jealous of you, or they don't love themselves enough so they have to pick on someone else.
It still doesn't make it feel any better.
To be lost and forgotten in this world simply because people don't want you here puts a knife through your heart every time.
I want to believe I have friends, but even those friends seem so distant.
Even those friends hang out with those people who don't ever want to associate with me.
And I always think how long before they turn behind my back?
How long until no one cares for my condition?
How long before everyone thinks it funny?
How long before anyone points to the causality of sociality?
hahahhahahaa, he can't fit in.
hahahahhaa, we'll pretend he doesn't exist.
hahahahahaa, I'll control every aspect of what he does because I'm authority.
How long before the whole world doesn't try their hardest to get to know people?
Will we all become casualties of sociality?
I know the answer to that one.
Some people who become causalities can fit back into the group since they have that power to control the world with just one word.
Others will be thrown aside still.
And others will be dead.
Is that what we have come to?
Hurting people because they aren't your definition of "cool".
Why would something like that even cross your mind?
Is it because you don't feel the definition of "cool"?
Don't you realize how alone you make someone feel?
How much pain you're causing someone?
How much you make someone hate being alone?
How much you're making someone so alone?
Where was ever the lesson that if you didn't have something nice to say don't say it all?
Or the lesson about treating people the way you want to be treated.
So is that the way you want be treated?
Like you don't fit into a group.
Like you don't have any power.
Like no one is going to believe you.
Like you're alone trying to figure how fit into normal social life.
Like you have no say in this world.
Do you want to be treated like this?
Then why don't you ask.
Because it isn't fair to the Causality of Sociality.
The person who never asked to be treated like this.
The person who had always tried to treat people the way they wanted to be treated, only to be treated like some sort of garbage.
What is your mindset, Liars and Backstabbers of the Causality of Sociality?
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