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Caution! Rapey Baboons abound: Don't go out at night

Published by Delise in the blog Delise's blog. Views: 517

PTSD Caused by a number of things, some people have it and don't even know it.
Like my old man, or my mother or until recently me.

Drill-bit into your head
Raising your child with an iron fist.
Teaching them a lesson.
Put you in your place.

Call it what you want
we make each other what we are
but lost the manual somewhere along the way.

We don't own anyone but ourselves.

People who go around telling me what I should do to my body
or what needs to be done to my body has control problems.

I see them as insecure people who are not at peace with themselves so to
avoid that they control others to feel as if they are at peace.

This shit is getting old. Real old.

One issue I'm pissed off about right now, is rape.

I read something a guy wrote on this forum awhile back and it burrowed into my head like a worm
and then it propagated in the masses and then those masses of worms died and festered and then fermented and now here I am saying what I should have said in response in the first damn place.

"The mistakes someone makes in their own life, does not give you the right to blame them or shame them. Get a life of your own and worry about it.
WE are not above or below ANYONE.

Their actions will inevitably come back to them off their own accord in their own time. Lies are always revealed.
If you make yourself the judge of them then that means you must be without fault in your OWN life.

(Don't lie like a bitch and say you're without any wrong doing.)

Making an excuse to harm a person, only shows the actions you wish you could take but cannot because it' snot allowed in your society. However, if people agree with you, you then feel justified to take action.
If everyone agrees with you, then you can have some peace of mind, can't you?
That the majority agrees with you, doesn't make the deed right. It just means you won't be stopped.

Remembered sanctioned slavery/ genocide of people. The majority with the power felt justified in their actions but later it's realized as being wrong.

Are you so trapped in your little brain that you cannot see the suffering of others?
Causing pain or harm to someone who has done nothing to you, is alarming.

Saying someone should be fined or jailed for blackmail or bribery is one thing, but promoting sexual assault and murder is promoting violent crime.


Words plants seeds of thought, and take root and spread.
Remember every little word that was said to you as a child that left it's marks until adulthood.
How can you spew such cruel words and not think that it will transform eventually into an actual act in the future?

Then gathering like minded people who agree creates mass thought, and that overpowers most situations.
It creates a force that is hard to stop. Once the sheep go on a rampage.

Sick minded individuals wish for rape.

People who lack sexual experience ad have never been raped.
Or those who have but see it as just another way to get pay back for what happened to them
have no respect care or trust for themselves or for those around them.

Seeing people promoting rape in a romantic setting really seem to have no clue as to what it feels like.

People who are self-centered, pathetic and insecure promote harm to others.

This is who you are justifying by this way of thinking you're saying that you think it is justifiable to treat someone, anyone who you see fit to deserve it, like a blow up doll.

So then by default, your mother, sister , wife, and daughter are all up for grabs ?Yet you think it's equal judgement for men and women?
SO then you, your father, brother or son are also up for grabs should they violate someones sense of moral codes.

How dare they sell themselves out just to get ahead. They get what's cumming to them.

How does this make any sense?

Where's your compassion or understanding?

People who use their bodies as a means to gain something have their own right to do so if they wish to.

Men get pissed off at women who sleep with many men or use sex to get ahead, but where's the threats towards men who do the same thing?
If she is a "whore" then so are you good sir.

Or are you just bitter because she is sexually liberated and your still jerking off behind a computer screen?

These people who promote harm and rape sound bitter and lonely with no love in their life.
No compassion, only desire to hurt someone because they want to feel a sense of dominance when they feel like dick-less bitches.

There's no honor.
No respect in this mentality."

But as Kurt Cobain once said "All we know is all we are."

Remaining bitter and ignorant is all you will ever be if you can't let go and move on with your life.

Everything you say and do matters.

Everything has a cause and effect.

Nothing disappears.

Will you really continue the circle of pain?

Or will you fight to be stronger than those who hurt you and learn to love.

It's the hardest thing in this world to do, to find.

All your life is everything you do and say to those around you and to yourself...(too much Pink Floyd sorry)

Look in the mirror first.
Open your fucking eyes before it's too late.
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