Chapter 14 snippet 1

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The travel pod latched onto the air lock with a slight shudder that brought both men out of their thoughts. The additional delay due to the engine failure on Almir’s ship had done nothing to improve their moods whatsoever. Gritting his teeth, Beatty strode towards the armored observation deck.

The damned bitch, he raged, she always did seem to have a flair for the dramatic also! There was nothing like having a drive failure to throw a wrench in his works! With an evil grin, he reflected upon the planning that Johansson, at his side as usual thank God, had put into eliminating her once and for all. No, he chuckled; there would be no escape this time, and he was going to enjoy it immensely when they told him Almir was dead!

“A blind jump,” Johansson mumbled. “Damned woman is luckier then anyone I’ve ever seen!”

“Luck,” Beatty snorted. “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was the devil herself!”

“Or that she sold her soul to him at the very least,”
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