Chapter 25 snippet (brand new writing)

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The wheat rustled against her as she walked. Stretching off into the distance, the field filled her vision. Aside from a cart path, there was nothing but trees and fields as far as she could see. A soft breeze blew through the air, tousling her hair and disturbing the wheat ahead of her.

Stepping through the field, she felt her eyebrows rise in surprise. What could she be experiencing this time, she wondered. She had already met a former version of herself, and she didn’t know how to describe the man she had seen. Who the hell knew what would happen this time?

She decided to stop and reach down to the heads of the wheat. Rubbing one against her hand, she was surprised to have the sensation of it rubbing her skin. Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to soak in the luxury of sensation. Ever since she awoke after the surgery, she had never felt tactile sensations with her limbs.

If there was one thing you missed having bionics, she mused, this was it. To be able to touch something, to actually feel it was something she would do anything to have back. Oh it was nice having faster speed, and greater strength, but at what cost? At the expense of being able to feel your own body with your hands, to have to live with the sensation of your torso telling you what your hands felt like? Was that really a fulfilling life?

The wind past her, and she felt the goose bumps form on her arms. My God, she told herself, how wonderful it felt to be fully human again! For the first time in nearly five years she felt normal…like she did before the grenade blast.

The grenade blast, she thought sourly. Which was an event that changed her life forever…in some ways making it better…and in others ruining it. Oh, to have to chance to go back and time and do things differently! To make a move to escape Ferini’s grasp well before he had the chance to rape her repeatedly…

Opening her eyes again, she started to move. She let her hands drop to the level of the wheat. Letting it rub against them, she smiled as she moved. If this was a nightmare, she told herself, then she didn’t want to awaken!

The field before her rose over a slight hill and she dropped down to the path. She exited the field with a contented sigh, and started down the path. Feeling the occasional rock under her boots made her smile again. Hearing them crunch was one thing, to actually be able to feel them made her feel alive again!

As she meandered down the path, she wondered why she was there. With so much happening outside, why would anyone (or anything) want to take her away from it? If she was the best hope for mankind, didn’t she need to be trying to find the answer to what was happening?

She found herself thinking back to her conversation with Loving. A blush formed on her face and she realized how much she had lied to her friend. She honestly had no clue why this was happening, other then to start a war. But why would someone want to do that?
What would they fight it with? A draft would be extremely unpopular, to the point that Carver would have a revolt on his hand.

That was unless he used martial law
, she thought. Coercion was always the best way to make people go along with what you wanted them to do anyway.

Something moved on the horizon, making her stop her motion. Raising a hand to her eyes, she looked at it closely. A small tendril of smoke wafted up from the distance. Surprised, she found that her eyes still had their bionic function. Zooming them in, she examined the source.

In the distance, a small cabin sat near the field. Out of the chimney rose the smoke she had seen. From the distance, she couldn’t tell if anyone was living there, but she surmised from the smoke that they were. Pursing her lips, she decided to keep walking towards it.

Whatever I’m here for
, she thought, it’s waiting for me there.

The wind picked up, blowing her raven-colored hair into a cape behind her. Feeling it caress her neck, she never felt happier. This experience was turning out to be better then the previous two, she mused. Whatever had gotten into the powers behind this, she didn’t know. She just hoped they decided to keep it positive…the trip back to Necko had been disturbing to her to say the least!

She found the cabin to be further away then she thought it had been. After what felt like a hour, she finally drew near it. Crossing the distance, carried by the wind, she could hear an axe chopping wood. Allowing her eyes to zoom in, she watched a woman at work, her shoulders and back wet with sweat.

As she approached, the woman stopped chopping wood. Jabbing the axe into the wood, the woman turned to face her. Surprisingly, she was just slightly taller the Kate was. At only 167.6 centimeters, she was surprised to see someone who was only her height. Most of time, people were much taller then her who had people thinking she suffered from short woman syndrome. That thinking made her laugh because the last thing she cared about what the height of someone. Whether of not the person could do their job was more important to her then that!

The other woman turned to face Kate, a sweat-soaked sports bra and slacks all she was wearing. Looking at her, Kate admired the firm, muscular torso she had, knowing that it was equally a match to hers. If it weren’t for the brown hair, she would have suspected they were related in some way.

“You’re right on time, Katherine,” the other woman said.
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