Chapter 35 snippet 1

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“Almir,” Benton said, speaking in her ear. “Why don’t you just make this easy and tell me where you’re at?”

Shaking her head, she slipped down another ally. The time for ducking and dodging was over. She needed to make a stand against Benton; it was time to kill or be killed.

Stepping out of the ally, she looked at the giant refinery. It would be perfect, she mused, looking at all the police activity. They would be left alone by the gendarmes to settle this. After all the shooting Benton’s gang had done earlier, it wasn’t surprising to see the city crawling with cops.

“You know, Graham,” She said sweetly. “I don’t know why you’re so impatient; you’ve always been a minute man.”

A long series of breaths in her ear made Kate smile. So, she chuckled, he was still just as sensitive about that! Nothing like knowing how and where to hit your enemies! Armed with the information, she would be able to make him make a mistake.

“You’re going to die slowly,” he said finally.

“All those promises, Graham,” She said cheerfully.

Stopping before the gate to the refinery, she looked at the lock. She grabbed it in one cybernetic hand. Grasping a fist around it, she yanked down hard. The metal snapped and she dropped the lock on the ground.

Sighing, she pushed the gate open and stepped inside. Up close the facility was larger then she had realized. Over a hundred meters tall, it stretched out in two wings. Skywalks on all levels connected the wings to make worker’s lives easier.

Definitely big enough to fight a battle in, she thought. And I don’t have to show my face unless I want too!

“I will find you, Almir,” he said. “Your delaying actions won’t stop that.”

She reached a stairway and she started to climb. Passing the second level, she looked up. There were only four levels to the facility, she noted, and the top one would be the best place to start. From there she could watch Benton approach.

“You won’t have to keep searching, Graham,” she said. “I’m in the refinery. Come and get me.”

She cradled the machine gun in her hand as she moved. A cold chill passed down her spine as she realized how few bullets she had. One clip, she told herself, was all she had in the machine gun, and one and half left in her pistol.

Damn, damn, damn
, she cursed, I knew I should’ve brought more clips from the fighter! How stupid of me!

She stopped and leaned against the railing. Below, she could see Benton and the surviving woman. They still had her outgunned, she realized, and the only other weapon she had was her sword. Not much to use in her defense.

It looks like I’ve brought a ‘knife’ to a gunfight, she thought, sighing.

With a turn of her heel, she moved away from the railing. Disappearing into the machinery like a black-cloaked demon, she was out of sight in seconds.
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