Chapter 42 snippet (all new writing)

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Running a hand through her wet hair, Kate stared out the window. Sighing, she kicked herself again. She had played right into Ferini’s hands yesterday, she reminded herself, and it had tickled him immensely. Of course he wanted to punish her! She had managed to make him look like a fool by escaping.

Of course using the Chief and Paul against me helped too, she snorted.

Behind her, the door slid aside and she heard three sets of feet enter. Not bothering to turn around, she knew who it was. Of course he couldn’t resist making an appearance, she mused, and it was beyond Ferini’s ability to not gloat!

Choosing to be silent, she waited for him to speak. There was no way she was going to initiate the conversation, she told herself. His entire visit was to tweak her, and she wasn’t going to give him to satisfaction of walking into the trap.

“Katie,” he said, cheerful. “You look great this morning!”

No thanks to you, she wanted to say, but keeping it to herself.

“You know,” Ferini said. “You can be more talkative. You and I are going to spend lots of time together now.”

Try as she might, that was enough to make her throw her plan away. How dare he say they were going to be together! If anything, she told herself, she was going to break out quicker this time! Too much was at stake for her to spend to time futzing about with him.

“We’re not going to spend any time together,” she snorted, staring out the window still.

“Au contraire,” he said. “You’re mine now…and I will do with you as I please.”

She spun around to face him, eyes blazing. Who did he think he was? She wasn’t a piece of property, she mused, for him to play with when he wanted. If he wanted something like that, he needed to get a pet!

“‘Do with as you please,’” she mocked. “Just like you did when I was growing up? When you raped me repeatedly?”

“You wound me, Katie,” he said, hands going to his chest. “You forget: I legally owned you then and could do with you as I pleased.”

“But now I’m an Alliance citizen,” she said. “Which means you don’t own me anymore. How about that, sport?”

“Necko doesn’t recognize the Alliance’s authority,” he said with a caustic laugh. “Therefore, it’s a moot point.”

That would make for an interesting intergalactic legal question
, she snorted.

“Ether way,” she said. “You don’t own me…no one does.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” he said. “And the law of Necko says, I’ve never stopped owning you. You’re still my property until I either see fit to release you, or eliminate you.”

Shaking her head, she looked at him with hard eyes. He was so smug, she told herself, that his position was so unbeatable. All it would take is one mistake and she could break his neck! One false move…and it could all be over!

“That is if I don’t kill you first,” she said, staring into his eyes.

“Katie,” he chuckled. “You’ve turned into one aggressive, thankless woman. What has gotten in you?”

“You got into me,” she said, looking out the window again. “This is your doing.”

“My doing?” He shrugged. “I had nothing to do with this.”

“You bastard,” she snapped. “You were the cause of this, and you know it!”

“I didn’t do anything untoward,” he smiled. “All I did was enjoy myself with my property.”

“There you go again,” Kate sighed. “Calling me your property. Well, Ferini, you’re ‘property’ is now damaged goods!”

“Not from where I stood,” he said. “You handled more men then you ever could.”

She chuckled as every piece fell into place. His entire desires appeared before her eyes. He wanted to try to breed off her, she mused, chuckling. It was too bad that his guard had ruined that for him five years ago!

“That’s not the entire equation,” she said. “You psychotic son of a bitch,”

“What are you talking about?”

And here comes the kicker, she thought, licking her lips.

“When your guard threw that grenade,” she said. “He not only destroyed most of my body…he also took away my ability to reproduce. Which means…you can’t breed me for warriors like you wanted to do!”

For a moment, his face darkened before it cleared. It was during that split second that she knew she had beaten him. His plans, his hopes, were now dashed and that made her smile in triumph. Take that, you bastard, she reflected.

“That’s too bad,” he said, his cheer gone. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself…”

Snapping his fingers, the two guards stepped forward. Kate’s eye grew large as she realized what was going to happen. The son of a bitch was going to rape her again! If he couldn’t breed her, she realized, then he was going to take what he wanted without reservations.

My big mouth just got me in trouble again, she thought, frowning. I’ve just sealed myself into my own hell!

“Check her well,” he said. “She’s a sneaky one.”

Knowing her bionics was powered down she wasn’t going to resist. What was the point when the two of them could overpower her? No matter how miserable the experience was going to be, nothing could prevent it now. The only thing she could do was to sit back and take it.

And plot on how to kill him, she thought.

The two guards grabbed her and turned her around. Slamming her into the wall, she felt the cold metal on her cheek. One of the men kicked her feet apart, leaving her open and exposed.

With her arms pressed into the metal, above her head she was helpless to stop the men. A set of hands started feeling her neck, before moving down. Cupping her breasts in his hands, the guard gave them a squeeze. Growling in her throat, he reached back and slapped her exposed cheek. The stinging pain silenced her.

That bastard dies first, she told herself, closing her eyes.

Rubbing her flat stomach, the guard reached her hips. He examined her buttocks before stepping back. With a soft sigh, she knew it wasn’t over yet; in fact, it was just beginning.

“She’s clear, sir,”

Ferini slipped behind Kate, his breath on the nape of her neck. She closed her eyes, swallowing hard to push the bile down her throat. The very idea of his hands touching her, she mused, was enough to make her sick!

“You know how much I missed you?” He asked, kissing her neck softly.

Like I really give a ****, she thought, trying to keep her tears back.

He placed pecks of affection on her cheek as his hands trailed down her body. Grasping her buttocks on them, he rubbed them lovingly. Squeezing them, he brought as gasp of surprise from her. Reaching around to her torso, he ran his hands up.

She heard the sound of her jumpsuit being unzipped…
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