Chapter 49 (new writing)

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Pulling on her laces, she checked her boots. Standing up, she could feel the skin-tight jumpsuit ripple. She clenched her fists together, the leather crackling. Everything was ready, she told herself, sighing.

She was standing in the tunnel leading to the arena. Beyond, she could hear the roar of the crowds. A chill ran up her spine, causing her to shiver. There was no escaping Necko, she thought, ever.

She started up the ramp. Two steps from the top, she stopped. Taking a deep breath, she moved again, the sound of the crowd making her chest shake.

The sun was blinding as she stepped out into the arena. Rising at a forty-five degree angle, the stands reached to the skies. When she had been here before, the arena held two hundred thousand people. It appeared they expanded it again, she told herself.

The scabbard on her back soothed her nerves. There was no telling what Ferini had up he sleeve for today, she told herself. Knowing him, it would be something that didn’t bode well for her.

A loud cheer came from the crowd. She looked around for the cause. At the far end, a single gladiator emerged. Taller then she, he moved with a purpose.

This isn’t going to be fun, she told herself.

He approached her, eyes boring into hers. They were a blue, almost silver color. A sneer crossed his face as he looked at her. Reaching to his side, he drew his sword.

Kate grabbed hers sword from her back. She swung it at his head. Her eyes grew wide as he blocked it. His counter move was so quick she barely managed to deflect it.

This bastard is faster then I am, she thought, and fear coursed through her veins.

He swung at her head. There barely was time to duck out of the way. She slammed a fist into his stomach. Rolling backwards, she came back to her feet.

The man roared, a foot lashing out. She tried to move, but caught it in the stomach. The blow sent her to her knees. Feeling her breath threatening to leave, she dropped her sword.

He moved in for the kill. Raising the sword over his head, he smiled. Kate swung her fist into his crotch. A scream filled the arena, as he dropped his sword. Grabbing his privates, he bent over.

She launched herself with her feet. Slamming a fist into his mouth, she spun backwards. Landing on her feet, she saw him stand. Blood flowed from his lip, and his eyes were narrow.

“Ah ****…” she groaned.

She ran for her sword. He saw her, and he lashed out. She yelped as he grabbed her arm. Roaring, he sent her flying.

The world spun dizzily before she slammed into the wall. Biting down hard on her lip, she tasted blood. Pain exploded in her body as she slid to the ground.

He picked up his sword and advanced. Groaning, she lifted her head up. If she didn’t move, she told herself, he was going to kill her.

Scrabbling at the dirt, she scampered out of the way. Stabbing the sword at empty space, the man roared. She stumbled over and picked up her sword.

Turning to face him, she barely blocked another blow. He slice again, and she couldn’t block it. His sword sliced through the side of her jumpsuit.

She screamed at the pain. It was excruciating. Stumbling away, she dropped a hand to her side. Her glove came back bloody.

“Goddamn it!” she screamed.

Seeing her injured, he moved it again. Swinging at her head, she ducked. She lashed out with her sword, hitting the hilt of his. The hilt shattered, sending metal flying.

She leaped into his arms. They went rolling across the dirt. Screaming, she landed punches to his face. In defense, he grabbed her wound.

Kate leaned her head back and screamed as he crushed her wound. The agony was nearly unbearable! Fighting the urge to quit, she slammed an elbow into his hand. He released her side, giving her blessed relief.

“Mother ****er!” she snarled, punching him. “I’m going to kill you and eat you!”

He placed a foot to her chest and kicked. She flew backwards, hitting the ground on her back. He was on her like a flash, both hands around her throat.

Choking, she fought against him. If she failed, she died. Punching his stomach, once, twice, three times, she fought to break free. After the fourth punch, his grip loosened. Grabbing his arms, she threw him over her head with her feet.

He landed on the ground. Climbing to his hands and knees, he tried to get up. Launching herself, she slammed a foot into his ribs. A second kick came, and a third. She rained them down on him.

“You son of a bitch!” she screamed.

Falling to his stomach, she dropped on top of him. Grasping his neck in both hands, she twisted it. The sound of it breaking was lost in the noise. Feeling his body go limp, she relaxed.

She rolled onto her back, her side starting to itch. Panting, she wiped her bangs from her eyes with a bloody glove.

I hope that son of a bitch got his money’s worth! She thought, glaring at Ferini’s quarters.

She crawled over to her sword. Jabbing it into the ground, she used it to pull herself to her feet. Standing on shaky feet, she held her sword high, the last of her strength fading.

So tired was she, that she didn’t even fight the guards when they grabbed her arms. Just thankful to be alive, she let them take her to her quarters…


He watched the fight with much interest. So, he told himself, and that was what Almir was really capable of. She would be more then a capable subject for them if his superiors chose to go that route.

Either way, it didn’t matter to him. In one day, he would get her off this rock, and everything else was up to them.
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