Chapter 52 (new writing)

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The Senate building glowed ahead of them.
Feeling the wind whipping her hair, team leader controlled her glider. Their small size allowed them to be invisible from sensors. Flying amongst the tall buildings, they closed on their target.

A smile crossed her lips as she started her final approach. If everything went according to plan, she thought, then they would be in and out in minutes. No one would have a chance to see them, and everything would work out perfectly.

However, she reminded herself. No matter how well you plan, the possibility of something unplanned happening can always foul a plan.

She was satisfied that she had planned it out completely. Every contingency had been covered. The police in the building were expendable. Their role in all this was to die, and she would make that happen.

Touching the roof with her feet, she ran to a stop. Behind her, the three others of her team landed. Shedding themselves of their gliders, they looked at her.

“We have ten minutes,” she said, setting her chronograph. “On my mark…now!”

They moved with ruthless efficiency. Crossing the roof, her electronics specialist disabled the alarm on the stairwell door. Slipping through it, they entered the maintenance level.

Reaching the top of the stairs, team leader placed her grappling hook into the railing. It would hold her weight easily, she told herself, attaching the rope to her belt. Stepping over the railing, she let herself drop.

The floors whizzed by as the rope spooled out. Reaching the first floor, she landed like a cat. Beside her, the rest of her team touched down. Feeling her heart beating faster, she smiled.

I always loved doing that, she told herself.

She led them to the stairwell door. Once there, they stopped, while her specialist hacked the security cameras. Looking at his screen, he counted four guards. Motioning that to her, she nodded.

All of them at one place, she thought. How easy could they make things?

“Delta,” she said. “You and I will take the guards. Beta and Epsilon, you place the charges. Let’s go people!”

Stepping through the door, she held her silenced H&K in her hands. The surprised guard’s looked up. A hail of fourteen-millimeter slugs tore through them. They dropped, dead, in bloody messes before they even comprehended what was happening.

Slipping the rifle back onto her shoulder, team leader watched her people work. She checked their time, and they had only five minutes left. Eyes hardening, she waited for her men to come back.

Right on schedule, the two explosive techs came back into view. With a nod, they raced for the stairwell. Team Leader attached her rope to her belt, and pushed a button.

Silently, she started to rise. Floor by floor flashed by as she headed for the roof. Her team followed her lead, each in a harness.

Reaching the roof, they sprinted for their gliders. Cinching themselves into place, they launched themselves into the open air. Team leader reached the edge of the roof, and she
stepped off.

The dizzying sensation of falling was replaced by exhilarating flight. Laughing, despite herself, she enjoyed the freedom she felt. She looked at her chronograph and saw they had left one minute ahead of schedule. Outstanding!

Flying through the night, they headed for their landing point. As the giant Alliance News Network building loomed ahead, they angled for higher flight. Against her hip, the control for the explosives tapped reassuringly.

Each of them landed on the roof, with Team Leader the last. As they strode away from their gliders, two people approached them. One was a woman in a black uniform, the other, the President of the Alliance.

“Did you accomplish your objective?” Abernathy asked.

“The explosives are set,” Team Leader said.

“And the guards?” Abernathy asked.

“Dead,” she said. “As ordered.”

“Good,” Carver said. “There won’t be anyone alive who can link us to this.”

Team Leader reached onto her belt and handed him the detonator. It wasn’t a hidden fact, she mused, that Carver wanted to be the one who pushed the button. And who could blame him? If he was bankrolling the entire operation, and giving it cover, then he had that right.

“Tonight we strike a blow for the New Galactic Order,” he said, smiling.

“And put the final nail in the coffin of the Alliance,” Abernathy said.

Carver pushed the button. There was a moment’s delay, causing everyone to hold their breath. If the explosives didn’t fire, Team Leader thought, then she was a dead woman. Please let them fire!

A gigantic explosion ripped through the Senate Building. The shockwave reached them, causing their chests to shake. Large gouts of flames, three hundred meters high came from the building. Beneath it, the building imploded upon itself, rubble flying through the air.
From where they stood, they could see the dust cloud from the building’s death.

Throughout the city, the sirens wailed. Public Safety would the scrambling, Team Leader told herself, but they weren’t going to be able to save the building.

A perfect demolition, she thought with pride.

“Prepare ‘Hummingbird,’” Carver said to Abernathy, walking away. “It’s time.”

“Yes, sir,”

As they left, Team Leader stood alone on the roof. The distant flames flickered on her face, and no one could see the seeds of doubt starting to show…
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