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Character Art

Published by Forinsyther in the blog Forinsyther's blog. Views: 212

remus character sheet.jpg
I decided to start creating character sheets for all the characters that will appear in the stories I'm writing.

So may I introduce Remus; a doctor who gets bitten by a vampire. In the world I've created, there is a lot of hatred towards vampires, werewolves, etc because of the obvious reasons, so because of this Remus is disgusted by the fact that he is now one of them. He spends over two hundred years trying to find a cure to reverse the curse of the bite, all the while refusing to ever bite another human. There are consequences though. In my world, a vampire that never drinks blood can not be immortal like the rest of them, their body starts to decay and fall apart; hence the lower right image.

If you want to know more about the story, the character, or the world, keep a look out for my short stories which I will be publishing soon. If people leave me messages seeming interested, I'll create a blog entry letting people know when they're published.

And if people would like to see more character sheets and introductions let me know :)
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