Character mapping

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To help get into what I'm writing, I've been making sheets on my characters, detailing their personality, history, and other aspects of them.

For anyone who has read my currently unfinished story, "Grey," this is Aaron.

Name: Aaron Lloyd Zephyr

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Aaron is different. He feels a need to study his surroundings, to take in everything he can see and examine it thoroughly. This includes people as well, he has a bad habit of asking someone many questions about personal issues. Other than that he is pretty laid back. He immensely enjoys sleeping in and cold, windy days. He finds peace in isolated forests, liking to sit and watch the wildlife. Despite his rational nature, he often rushes into things. Normally, he manages to work things out as they go, but from time to time something catastrophic happens and he winds up in a mysterious room with two demented kids. He really enjoys spaghetti.

If I added any more to Aaron, it might ruin the story for me.

I have several other characters made, but I don't really feel like posting them. Besides, if I told you everything, you wouldn't read my story!
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