Character Revelations - A thrilling experience

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When you are the writer you have complete control over your characters. Although not recommended, you could destroy the universe, recreate it, destroy it again, and recreate it in a matter of minutes. Though you will probably lose some of your audience if you suddenly did this. But still, you could do this.

But every once and awhile I will have a character that I do not neccessarily control. I have been to forums that have made this claim. If you have yet to experience this, at first they look crazy. But its such an interesting feeling to have a revelation about a character, as if they grew a mind of their own. Maybe I am losing my mind?

Last night while laying in bed I was thinking about my Assassin Artemis(technically she is a bounty hunter later, and no I didn't steal the name and occupation from Artemis Entreri. Ok so maybe a little, but I swear I didn't just steal the character. They are completely different I swear!)

Anyways I was laying in my bed thinking about her. Ew not like that! Though during the writing of the story, I couldn't help but notice these hidden S&M sort of thing going on with her Mentor. But thats probably because I am a dirty dirty old man. Well not so old, but anywyas. Where was I?

Oh! ok so I was laying in bed and I needed a reason for her to fear this Black Cat. I thought of making it her exboyfriend who may or may not use 2 scimitars *cough* Again not a complete rip off of one of R.A. Salvatore's characters. But I had written that the Cat was Female and alluded to the idea of Artemis being unable to pull off her hit while she is in town.

Of course me not really planning anything was stumped which led me to lay in my bed thinking about the future of the story.

Then it dawned on me. She is bisexual. Though I think i had already established this in an earlier unfinished NaNoWriMo. It was a very interesting feeling. I then panicked because a certain scene started to form in my mind. Everything sort of just clicked. I was thrilled at this.

Oh why did I panic you ask? Well I was writing this story for a very conservative place. Particularly the person who sorta requested an Assassin's story. Though probably different then how its turning out, but still. So I thought I would just ignore this part of my character and change it... Yes I know I shouldn't give a damn about such closed minded views. I know better then this and blah blah blah...

when I realised I couldn't change it. I mean sure I could write the change on paper. I could make her a hardcore virgin(sorta like the Greek Goddess, which she is named after) but it wouldn't feel right. Have you ever had that feeling? I find it completely thrilling experience.

I guess this is where the whole Universe destroying comes in. We should have this ability, yet I find myself suddenly not all powerful over my work. Atleast not this character. Because if I change this detail about her, it would feel wrong.

I recently read an interview with R.A. Salvatore(yes he is sorta my favorite author...) and he talked about Wulfgar's death and how even after he had written it, he was unsure about it. He also talked about how if another author picked up the characters from Legend of Drizzt they would be dead to him.

Which at first seems a bit cold, they are just characters. But I feel now, especially after this revelation, that I understand this notion.

Anyways yeah I am done. Maybe you were expecting more, but then maybe you weren't and are now just glad this blog entry is over.

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