Chasing a Dream

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You told me I could fly
With these wings of glass
I aimed for heaven in these skies
And as I spread these wings
They mirrored how you desperately
Wanted me to succeed.
Leaving a heaven in disguise,
Where you were always stood right next to me.

You should have known
These wings are sharp.
You should have known
How they’d cut you up.

I should have stepped away from you,
But couldn’t.
We should have never dreamed,
That I would fly.

These wings were too heavy for me anyway,
Who can fly with wings of glass?
These wings are blood-covered dreams,
Who can dream in stains of blood?
We chased dreams as blind fools,
Forgetting what it means to dream.
It means something is giving you hope,
That was you, and I cut you up.

Dreams will cost you, don't forget the dreams you're living.
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