Chasing Echoes: Chapter 1

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W.H. Auden once said,“the way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in.” I never truly understood what he meant. I just took it as in order to read a fairy tale was to live a fairy tale. Not live in a castle, I was very content in my families blue, two story house that sat by the water. A carriage with the group of white stallions, I would settle for the black jeep I received on my sixteenth birthday. As for the white stallions- well what girl wouldn't jump at a chance to own her own horse? That only left Prince Charming. The man of your dreams that you hoped would one day come into your life and sweep you off of your feet. That was if only fairy tales were real.
I flipped through the pages of the scrapbook I had been making over the last year. Splotches left on the pages as I let out a sniffle. "We'll be together forever," I said ripping the one page out and throwing it to the floor. "You are the love of my life," I said as I ripped another page out. Sitting up I rubbed my nose. I gazed down at the picture of the brown haired, blue eyed, boy staring back at me. I was also in the picture, my green eyes were shut and my brown locks were shining in the sun as I kissed his cheek. Pulling the picture from the page I ripped it up, "you're a liar." I yelled as I threw the book across my room, just as my door opened.
My eyes fell on the two figures as they cautiously entered the room, "I told you she would be here sulking," Holly said moving her brown eyes over to Ava. Holly walked over picking up the ripped pages, "or demolitioning everything that had to do with Drew."
"Less there is the less pain," I said staring at the cork board hanging on my wall.
Rising to my feet I walked over and began to pull down all of the pictures with the brown haired boy. "Sweetie, you need to get Drew out of your head." Ava's hand touched my shoulder and I turned around to look at her, "we are going to dress you in a sexy outfit and redo your makeup-" she extended her hand wiping away the mascara that had begun to run. "Then we are going to a party."
That is when I notice their outfits. Ava is wearing a sundress covered in bright flowers and Holly was in a black sequined dress. "Party," she said moving her hips so the dress swooshed around her body.
Holly and Ava were complete opposites. I think that is why the three of us worked so well together. Ava was grounded, while Holly was more willing to take chances. Ava had been there from the start and Holly and I only bonded a year ago, but she somehow already knew me so well. I wouldn't be the person I was without them. I also wouldn't be sitting on my bed wiping away my tears as I watched them throw clothing out of my closet. Looking for something worthy enough of a party, "there is almost nothing in here." Holly cried looking back over her shoulder at me, "where are your party clothes?"
I shrugged, "I don't really go to a lot of parties." Standing I walked over to my large mahogany dresser that used to belong to my grandmother, "whose party are we even going to anyways?" I opened the middle drawer and rummaged around.
When they remained silent I glanced back at them with a raised eyebrow, "uhm." Holly and Ava exchanged a glance. Finally Holly smiled slightly, "Adam Meacham." I dropped the top from my hand, and they quickly exchanged another look. Holly walked forward, "okay I know what you are thinking. Why in the world would we go to a Meacham party? Megster, this is what you need. Blow off some steam. Go wild-"
"Maybe make out with a random stranger," Ava piped in.
Holly turned around pointing at Ava, "yes!" She turned back to me, "make out with a hot guy." I lifted an eyebrow, "or not. Look just come with us we can just dance if you want."
I bite my lip as I thought for a moment. Contemplating my options. Go to a party that I know will have booze and drugs, or stay at home and throw myself a pity part for one. Neither option seemed like it would be that amusing, but I guess in the long run I would rather be with people than alone. "Okay. I'll go. I may have an outfit I can wear."

"You look amazing, Megs," Ava said as I gripped onto her arm. Taking deep breaths as we stood at the end of the sidewalk to the large house that belonged to the Meacham family. I looked down at my cream colored shirt, tucked into my dark purple skirt. I refused to wear heels and opted for a pair of black flats instead. Holly did my makeup perfectly as Ava curled my hair. I had felt like I was getting ready for one of the school dances, instead we were about to go into a party that I may at some point possibly be vomited on.
They walked forward, both smiling. I watched them walk up the stairs before they turned around, "Megan Lilly get your ass up these stairs!" Holly yelled placing her hands on her hips. A few people that were standing in the front lawn or arriving were starting to stare. "If you don't I'm going to tell everyone-"
I quickly darted towards the two girls. I had no idea what it was that Holly planned to spill, but I was not willing to take any chances. They both knew too much about me and the last thing I needed was a room full of drunken teens to know my deepest darkest secrets. Although I didn't have that many.
It was only eight and the house was packed full of kids both from school and not from school. Holly recognized a few from college, I could tell from the polite waves she would give. Ava tapped me on the arm before she walked over and threw her arms around her boyfriend, Chandler. They got together a little after Drew and I did. We would always double date. Slowly I felt myself being pulled back into the state of just wanting to curl up and cry. That was when my heart dropped, in the corner twirling a strand of hair around his finger was Drew. Only he was with a blonde that I didn't recognize. I looked at Holly, "I need a drink." Pushing my way through the living room I made it to the kitchen. I walked over and lifted the nozzle of the keg. It sat in a bucket of ice. Reaching over I grabbed a single red cup and clicked the nozzle on. I squealed when beer began to squirt out.
"Hey, watch it." A boy said grabbing it away from me and aiming it into my cup. "Damn, who let a freshman in."
I smoothed my hands down my top, making sure none spilled on me. "I am not a freshman." My eyes looked up and that was when I saw none other than Adam Meacham controlling the beer flow into my cup. "I've been in your class since first grade." I snatched the cup out of his hand. Under my breath I mumbled, "jackass." Before taking a sip and walking away. I walked back into the living room, finishing the cup and setting it down on a table. I moved over to Holly who was talking to a guy I didn't know, "hey let's dance."

It felt like hours had passed as Holly and I danced, Ava eventually joined us. I was unaware of anything else that was going on around me as we moved to the music. occasionally we would belt out our version as we sang along to the stereo. I had been able to completely forget about everything, Drew dumping me and then being at a party with another girl. My head felt heavy as we danced to a Katy Perry song. "I think I'm going to go to the bathroom," I yelled to my friends and they nodded.
I was able to maneuver through the crowd and started up the stairs. If I was a bathroom, in a giant house, I would be upstairs right? Holding onto the banister I almost tripped on a step as I reached the top. I laughed softly at myself as my head began to feel more heavy. I had never been fully drunk before, but I had been tipsy. This must have been somewhere in between. I reached for the first shiny knob I saw and opened the door. It wasn't the bathroom, but I found myself entranced by my new found surroundings.
In the middle of the room sat a perfectly made, bed. The walls were a dark red with posters hanging of bands and sport teams. I traced my finger along the dresser top, looking at the pictures. It was a small boy with his parents, and his dog, I smiled at one. He seemed to be about five and he sat on his mothers lap. I picked it up, she was so beautiful. She also seemed so familiar somehow. "Hey this room is off limits." A voice strongly said from the doorway. I gasped turning as I tried to put the photo back. "What are you doing," he walked over snatching the picture away from me.
"I'm sorry." I finally was able to collect myself and realized it was Adam as he placed the picture back, "I was looking for the bathroom and-"
"Well this isn't it, is it?" His green eyes stared at me. I didn't know if I had ever even seen his eyes before. He wasn't the type of guy to offer you a friendly smile or nod as you passed them in the hall.
"No," I shook my head. My eyes still locked on his as we turned in almost a circle so I was closer to the door, "I'm sorry."
Turning on my heel I reached for the handle, but his strong grasp caught my other hand, "wait." I moved to look back at him, and that was when he collided his lips with mine. A part of me wanted to push him away, but another part that had a stronger control was kissing him back. He pulled my waist, so I was closer to him. My feet began to move forward as he was pulling me towards the bed. Spinning me so I was the first to fall. I let out a small whimper as our lips parted. Taking slow breaths as I stared up at him as he pulled the grey shirt from his body, before covering mine with his.
His tongue begged for entrance and finally I parted my lips and he grazed his tongue against mine. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was making out with a complete stranger, I don't think that Ava was actually serious. We broke apart as he kissed the corner of my mouth and I closed my eyes, next he kissed my cheek. Almost naturally my head fell to the side and he placed a trail of kisses down my neck, stopping to focus on one spot that made me roam my hands up his back and knit them into his soft blonde locks.
A moan escaped my lips as he nipped at my skin before moving back to kiss my lips. Our tongues were at war once again, as he reached behind his head to take my hands and lift them over my head. I watched as he leaned back for a moment and I slide farther onto the bed as his warm hands roamed down my body. A gasp leaving me, from his touch. He tugged my shirt loose from my skirt before I sat up allowing him to pull if from my body. He pulled me into his lap as he resumed kissing my neck.
I wasn't this girl, I was the everything but girl. The girl who had to call her mom to pick her up from a party in eighth grade when I wouldn't do seven minutes in heaven with Billy Palmer. The girl that would give the cheek on a first date, if I didn't really like the guy. The girl who only allowed her boyfriend of a year to get to second base, in result why he probably broke up with me. Yet here I was the everything but girl allowing Adam Meacham to unhook my bra and slide it from me.
His hands felt warm on my back as he laid me back to the mattress, his eyes hungry as he he took in my body. I was tempted to cover myself, to hide away, but then he leaned down and kissed me roughly, "you're beautiful." He murmured against my lips. I was lost in him once again as he moved farther down kissing one breast as his tongue ran across my nipple. I gasped my head falling back against his pillow. I could almost picture his famous smirk as he ran his hands down my sides inching closer to the waistline of my skirt. His lips traveled down my body making a circle at my belly button.
His green eyes meet mine as his fingers slip into the hem of my skirt. Biting my lip my eyes never leave his as he tugged them down along with my panties. I made a mental thank you to Holly for talking me into wearing 'cute' panties. Although it didn't really seem to matter to him anyways. He kissed my hip bones and travels south. My eyes watching as his strong hands part my thighs slightly. Parting my lips I watch him kiss my inner thigh and work up, his breath warm against me finally he makes contact and my body arches, he holds my hips down as he makes me moan. I grip onto sheets, wondering how he could possibly make me feel like this. My eyes rolled shut as I felt him slide a finger in as he massages my clit with his thumb. I wiggle under his grasp at the new feeling.
He pulls away moving back up to my face kissing me, only this time instead of tasting alcohol I taste it mixed with myself. I kissed him hungrily, partly because of how much I never knew I could want someone, partly because I am afraid of what is to come next. Dipping two fingers in to me, I arched up and grasped his arm, "you are so ready," he said breathing heavy from our kiss. He pulled away from me as we both tried to catch. My hands reached out to undo the buckle of his belt and jeans. His hands caught my cheeks and pulled me in for another kiss. Maybe he could sense my hesitation, maybe he knew that I am not this girl.
Instead he is tugging down his own jeans and boxers showing me all of his manhood. My eyes roamed slowly over his built body before I found his face again. He kicked the jeans and boxers into a pile on the floor as he moved back hovering over me. Pulling at the sheets bellow to form a cave around us. My back settling nicely into his queen sized mattress. "Relax," he whispered kissing my cheek.
I let out a shaky breath as I felt him run up and down my entrance. Then he slipped in, I bite back my cries as I felt the pressure of him breaking through. "Fuck," he hissed through his teeth as his head dropped to my shoulder, "you're so tight."
Moving my hands up I gripped onto the back of his shoulder blades as he trusted farther in. The side of my head fell against his as I felt a tear slip down my cheek. Adam lifted his head and noticed, "you okay?" I can tell by the way he was panting it was taking everything in him not to thrust widely into me. I simply nodded and his finger brushed away my tears as his lips met mine. I'm lost in his tongue battling mine, I almost didn't realize his movements resumed.
I let out a gasp when he almost pulled out completely before pushing back in. "Shit babe," he groaned. I pulled his head down to kiss me. I don't want to talk. I don't want cute pet names, I want to forget everything there was. Adam helped me do that as his thrusts began to speed up and I break away from his lips panting as I hold onto his back. His face buried in the crook of my neck, in between grunts he placed kisses on my skin.
Suddenly a burst of pleasure shot through my entire body and my nails lightly dug into his skin as I whimpered his name. "Fuck," his thrusts quickened even faster and I felt him spill into me. He lifted his head leaning it against mine as he rocked his hips, both both of us riding out our high. Our breathing began to slow as he pulled from me, I whimpered once more from the sudden emptiness and the distance from him. It is slowly fixed as he pulled me close to his body. My back resting against his chest. He moved my curls away and kissed my neck once before I heard his breathing change, signaling he had fallen asleep. I was tempted to climb out of bed, gather my things and find my friends. Instead I pulled his arms tighter around my body enjoying the warmth and closeness, as sleep pulled me in.
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