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Checking for Monsters

Published by Scattercat in the blog Scattercat's blog. Views: 91

“Daddy, check again!” Lilly clutched the blankets to her chin, her lip trembling.

“There’s no monsters under the bed, sweetie. I promise you.” He knelt down, held her hand. “I’ll leave the light on all night, okay?”

“Just look! I know they’re there!” She knew. She’d heard.

He sighed. He leaned over, lifted the ruffled fringe. SNAP! He was gone. There was a crunching sound.

The monster climbed out, grunting and snuffling. She cast a dismissive glance at Lilly, then turned and poked her snout back under the bed. “There. You see? There’s nothing out here. Now go to sleep.”
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