China Needs Strip Clubs (talks about sex)

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If you stay in China for any length of time, and wander around a bit, you will notice something. There are a hell of a lot of massage parlours, and barbershops that are really massage parlours.
Its kind of nuts.
I'm used to seeing brothels in cities. But in China, its' almost impossible to miss them if you veer slightly out of the tourist areas.
Even in Beijing where they have really cracked down on prostitution, you see a lot of it. I've walked past perfectly legit barbershops and massage clinics during the day without any women propositioning me, only to walk past the same place at night and being offered all kinds of interesting experiences.
In Shanghai and Nanjing they don't even bother with hiding what they do during the day.

Now I have walked in and asked questions, at one point I was dragged in. But I will state for the record I have never actually used one of these places. You can believe that or not, I don't care. As a writer I wanted to see how they tried to convince people to use there services and things.
I understand why these women do it. They've asked for anywhere from 50rmb for a hand job, to 700rmb for sex. Now as a tourist, more specifically a young man on my own, they were trying to get me for as much as they could. But even from natives they would still earn a tidy little sum.
Compared to a lot of jobs they could do, they earn potentially as much as higher up office workers. For women with few skills in a very crowded market place prostitution makes sense.

So today I was thinking. China could go and get a lot of these women away from prostitution if they allowed strip clubs to operate.
Think about it. The women don't have to be skilled, they just have to have average looks. There is less risk of disease, rape, and violence. And they will still make decent money.
Now I'm not a fan of strip clubs. But I'd much rather see these women working as dancers, then seeing them run to the doors of their little shops and trying to convince men to screw them.
Also China is big on employing as many people as possible, even if it isn't efficient. I've seen workers tearing down an entire block by hand, when some heavy machinery could do the work in a quarter of the time.
Now with these brothels most of them are very small, with 1 to 5 ladies, and maybe one male. If they allowed strip clubs, they'd have to have several dancers, a few bouncers, waitresses, and cashiers. A lot more workers involved, so more people are making a living.
Unfortunately since China wants to appear proper and chaste, they'll continue employing millions of women in prostitution as long as the police keep getting their bribes.

The world really sucks sometimes.
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