City of Tristen

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Ruler: Lyan the 4th (pronounce Lion)
City Name: Tristen
Power Structure: Ruled by the Church of the Sun, who's leader is always renamed Lyan Guardian of the People.
Population: 90,000 in the city, 80,000 in the countryside.
Population breakdown: 70% human, 15% Orc, 5% Elf, 5% Other.
Army: 5000 Sun Guards (Elite, mostly Orcs), 10,000 Believers of the Sun (Average troops), 15,000 Followers of the Sun (Militia), 300 Guards of the People (Clerics and wizards)
Focus of knowledge:Mostly magic, but they supply the army with modern technology.
Important Resources: Farming (Thats why the farmers almost equal the city), and receiving religious tithes.
Allies: Oakwood
Short Bio of the city: This is the religious heart of the Valley containing the head of the Church of the Sun which is the largest church.
It is also in the centre of the valley along a fertile flood plain, which has made it the bread basket of the valley as well.
Early in the cities history the valley was attacked by Orc's from the Eastern Swamps. They were defeated by an alliance lead by Tristen. In return for the lives of their children, the Orcs agreed to settle in Tristen working for the Church. After many centuries they form the backbone of the cities army.
Until recently the Church and the city had been neutral to all the cities, and only had a small army. This kept it safe, as no city wanted an enemy to control the main church, or get access to the vast grain fields, so all cities held to the neutrality.
That changed with the alliance to Oakwood. Worse,Tristen's army is increasing daily as believers flock to its doors seeking to serve the church.
In retaliation most cities have cut off tithes to the city. This is hurting Tristen as tithes were it's second largest source of revenue. The Church has begun using its vast resources to make up the difference, but the citizens are seeing more and more of their taxes going to pay the guards while other areas of government shrink.
No one quite knows why the newest ruler has changed the cities stance so drastically. It is only adding to the current unrest.
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