Come Hither Black Wings

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A poem for Raven, I hope he will be able to read this. And if he doesn't it in his memory.

Edit: A bit morbid now that I think about it

Come Hither Black Wings

My black wings I understand
Your agony the dry tears
The salt encrusted lakes of grief
Swept by loss

But my dear black wings
I do not understand why
You would torture the other souls
Feeling the same way

I may never understand
Black Wings, but I want you
To know Black Wings that
You're family here
You're family there

You Black Wings
You are the glue that binds them
My Black Wings I know your strong
And can soar above your rest

Your family there needs
You, and yet my Black Wings
You left the nest
And as I find that foolish
I understand Black Wings

Come hither here Black Wings
They need you
So soar above the rest

You have my heart
If my heart is what will
Have you continue to live
Then have mine
And soar above the rest

Because they need you
Your family there
Your family, they cannot
Suffer another loss

Black Wings you're so great
Black Wings you're strong
Show them your courageous wings
And battle the wind of grief and loss
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