Come to me O' Sweet Agrarian!

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So I've been growing a mini vegetable garden out of pots, bins, and whatever deep and wide enough to put a plant in. I aspire to own a tiny self - sustaining farm one day. In it I shall have a cow, chicken, bunny, and a welsh pony because I heard Shetland ponies are mean. There you have it. So, while I'm still in the county of a small military town, I decided to sharpen my green thumb...or should I say mold? I think sharpen may provide you with rather grotesque image. Moving along, I started it from seeds! The first month was exciting watching the seedlings bloom and stretch it's little necks. They were all leaning too. I tried inserting a picture, but apparently I'm still new at this kind of thing haha. I just attached them. View attachment 4298

So you're probably thinking being that it's September that I should have all ready received the spoils of my hard labor...sorry to disappoint both you and me...I'm still tolling and the big giant selfish lovely plants haven't given me not one fruit of all my sweat. Sigh, but I'm still happy to see them growing so big! Maybe they're late bloomers? The weather has been a little weird these few months.

Two of the plants moved out of their shared apartment and moved into their own place (said they would knock out the other plants if I didn't give them any room). Actually only one of them said that, the other one I said from being consumed into the other plants. He was slowly withering away. So I put him in his own little pickle jug to spread out his legs and grow up. It's a pretty deep jar so he'll have lots of room to grow and bear me some fruit! View attachment 4297

The bigger one I moved because he was squishing out all the other plants, so now he's leaving with the elites on big pot lane View attachment 4296 . He's in the yellow pot. I also have dwarf tangelo tree and a dwarf orange tree (forgot what kind). But the reason I had to get the tangelo, because my tree was lonely and wouldn't give me any babies without a mate so, now she's happy and sprouting her branches and little buds.

Well, I hope this works!
If you have any gardening tips I'm all eyes and ears :-D

Felecia Out!
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