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I have discovered I have a problem when I write. I always go for the hurt.
I have an idea for a series of short stories following this man who works for a very unique company. Basically think Star Trek red shirts, henchmen, cannon fodder, and the extras that always seem to suffer horribly, for hire.
Extremely funny, if dark humour, lots of breaking the fourth wall, making fun of cliches, extensive use of the Evil Overlords list, and office politics.
Too bad for me, as I keep thinking about it, and developing plots and characters, I keep moving away from the sheer comedy. If I think about it for too long it becomes a soap opera, with morbid drama, angst, murder (more then I planned originally), and other things that just weren't in the original plans.
So rather then having a story about a guy trying to survive in insane situations I find myself going to the darker side of my mind. I keep thinking of giving him a morbid past that explains why he took this dangerous job, when I have a funny idea already semi-planned.
Instead of being willing to kill to keep himself alive, he is becoming a psychopath. More and more of his friends are dying, which I don't want to do. And my brain wants to give him a love interest that will be going on other missions, which leaves him feeling terrible, and not in a funny way.
I know I have a sense of humour, but it's annoying I can't write it down in its pure form. At least not without a lot of editing, and forcing.

Ok I'm done ranting now.
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