Comfort Zone

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I haven't been good to my readers here. In fact, I've been neglectfully remise, and for that, I'm truly sorry. But I did not forget about you all. I've been cultivating my voice, building my toolbox, and working. Tirelessly working to bring better, more informative, and hopefully even more useful information to this blog.

To that end, I have a small announcement.

To anyone in the state of Michigan, specifically the Waterford area. This Saturday, May 18th from 2 to 4 pm several writer's groups in the area will be opening up the floor for ALL writers. These groups have banded together with the local Waterford Library to put on an Open mic event @ the library. Anyone who writes is welcome to attend and may read. Signup will be available before the event.

Also, work obligations have pushed me further out of my comfortable little bubble. (I even had to host a booth at a local event... I talked to.... people!) Because of this, once a week I'll be doing a Facebook live feed on my page. These will be geared toward some of the things I've touched on here, and all the fun stuff I've been learning while away. Mostly it's just to get experience knowing that I'll be required to post videos related to the laser therapy service I've been running at work for the last six months.

This forum is a great resource for support and is always here for all of us when we need it. I hope to continue that tradition and post more regularly with recaps from the discussions I've mentioned above here as things progress.

As always... happy writing.

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