Coming back to reality... Sort of.

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Over the past few weeks I've had my nose stuck in all kinds of books about werewolves and demons, and how other writer's presented them. I've watching so many movies, episodes, and video clips that my brain is over loaded. I've even pushed the limits on my abilities to listen to certain kinds of music to find how people view werewolves and demons.
Why am I so determinted to learn so much?
Simple really. Over the past few months I've been taking the three main characters to my one story and tearing them apart only to rebuild them. The process has been a long and daunting one, but I'm determined to see it through because I am almost 100% sure that all this hard work will pay off for me in the end to help create that convincing story with those surreal characters.

But now that I have a more open mind about how others see werewolves and demons, I've decided to go back to the very root of where these stories about such creatures began. Needless to say I don't think my trecks to the local library are going to be getting any lighter anytime soon, nor is my computer going to find much rest. I'll probably have to get a few more notebooks too for all my notes (I'm such a messy writer sometimes).
Then once I have everything I want, or at least close to it, I'll probably go through highlighting all the key futures that strike out to me for each character's race, then use those key features that people expect or created to finish of the characters and the definition of them being "werewolf" or "demon.
I'm also well aware of the fact that this is a lot of work to donate to one story. Personally speaking, my family thinks I'm crazy for being focused on the entire subject of the story and reworking it. To them they story is just fine.
It doesn't feel fine though, and that's what's bugging me. I don't have to have a writer's eye to notice that the characters are weak, the plot is weak, and the entire story is just too corny to be taken seriously. So I feel that I HAVE to do something to fix this creation of mine.
It probably does border insanity.
But meh, if dedication is insanity, then by all means call me insane.

Anyways, the reason I'm mostly posting this blog is to drag my mind back from the depths of stories and everything to do with them. I'm afraid I dug myself so deep into my stories and all the work that goes with them, that for the longest while I wasn't even entirely aware that the real world existed.
So call this my break from writing. Well... sort of lol.

While I've pulled myself from the depths of research, I do still intend to stick to writing and the topics surrounding it. And I would SO love to know people's thoughts on character development, werewolves, demon, and the idea of becoming lost in writing. The discussion would definately help me along in my crazed determination to develop my characters to their fullest.
Unfortunately though, I'm too lazy to post up a thread discussing these things all in one blow (plus I'm pretty sure there's been more then enough threads about it already.

So yeah, that's that for now because quite frankly trying to focus on writing when you have two dogs and a cat pestering you isn't an easy task.
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