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Coming Back

Published by Saraaar in the blog Saraaar's blog. Views: 220

My mum always told me I should write a blog. I always agreed with her, though I never knew what to write about.

Maybe writing about writing will work.

I learned to read very young and got very obsessed with books. I've always written poems and stories since I was a tiny little girl. When I went to uni, I changed my degree from French to English because I didn't feel like there was any other option. I did a creative writing module at uni and my dissertation was a collection of short stories, inspired by Angela Carter and Mary Shelley.

I have never hated anything so much as I hated that dissertation and I have not wanted to write since. Over the last seven years I have written one or two short stories and that is it.

But now I think that need to write is coming back and I'm going to go with it.
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